Institution not spawning but research penalty? 25 yrs late!!!


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Sep 30, 2021
And this happens with some other tech in some other ay too. Things that unlock a manu that you have alot of.
Waiting for several years to save 90 points? No. By that time the manus would already be finished and start making money

Yeah as I said there are cases where it's worth the cost. You just pointed one scenario. But even here you can wait for -10% neighbour bonus if you can't get institution and not rush Adm 5 to get this 10% discount and maybe even -15% if you get institution in that time. Is it worth it? Probably depends on individual scenario but its good example when the cost is not that huge for what you get -> unlock of idea group where you not have much places to put points. But you get it, there are scenarios where you take those increased cost without any benefits at all. And, my point was that the change in tech allowed some more flexibility in staying behind. You would not take +30% tech only to get inno if it gave you only +1 or 2 % production / trade efficiency. It basically not worth the cost then. There are plenty of such cases. And TBH more techs are like my example than yours. And the biggest difference is that in old system it didn't matter what tech gave or not gave. Because institution spawned and with each year you would pay more, meaning you would lose more points. Now you pay less when you wait. You can say that you could wait in old system as well. Yes you could but the difference is that the time window was much smaller then. You would just get into next institution if you waited and ended up paying even more because it affected all techs. The fact that tech costs are unconnected to institution spawn or future institution makes huge difference in what you allow to do in terms of staying behind and getting more mana that way. That's why I said that this change made inno worse. It didn't make it so directly because inno works the same as before, but it made alternative much stronger, making inno weaker indirectly.
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