Influencing your Subjects - laws, governments, economy

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I'm sure this is a well worn toic at this point - interactions with your subjects. :D

But in my recent game I was again struck by how little interaction there is, and I find I'm most of the time just preferring to annex my subjects - a Dominion or Puppet will transfer 25-30% of their icome, but most of the time I'm thinking, "Keep the money, build useful economic structures with it!" So I annex them and build them myself. (It's not helped that a diplo play for Dominion and Puppet incur the same infamy, but Puppet feels like more "bang for the buck" - you get more income transferred, and you prevent them from conducting diplomacy ... )

It would be nice if you could take more direct influence on your subjects, with the amount of influence increasing from protectorate (hardly any) to puppet (a lot).

Such actions could be:
- reform government
- changes of law
- incentivize areas of business (cash crops vs. food crops)
- ?
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