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May 23, 2020
This is something that has eventually happened to all of my save files rendering the missions and the game as a whole unplayable.

If I hit a certain directional key or pan the camera, the game will scroll in that direction forever or the camera will spin forever. In my most current game, I made it to day 52 before it happened, but now, I can press every directional key except for Q or A. Pressing Q or A will cause the game to scroll infinitely to the left and the only way to stop it is to shut the game down. If the game is saved while this is happening, reloading at that save will keep the bug intact.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason why it happens, the trigger is not the same button every time and there is no way to stop it from becoming unstuck that I've been able to find.


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Jun 29, 2001
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