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Dec 25, 2005
I dont think it's actually a bug.

Well heres the thing: It might say for example that my country produce 100 steel, and the industries requires 50 steel. Allthough I'm not trading away any steel, I'm still losing steel. I'm well aware about lower coal production due to lack of rubber, and lower rubber production due to lack of oil (or something like that).
Does anybody know anything about this?


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Jun 10, 2002
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Can you be more specific? What country are you playing? Have you examined the resource-flow and convoy ledger pages? Usually between the two you can see what's happening. Most likely either you're trading steel away for something or you are convoying it away from your capital or it is produced in some disconnected province and you are not convoying it to your capital. (If you don't think it's a bug it really shouldn't be in the bug forum but in General Discussions.)