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Dec 10, 2021
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I was thinking of a BattleBrothers kinda game.
The focus is very hard on one warband, the individual characters, so the relationship is more intense and you really really do not want to lose a member. Now imagine it was roguelike, so there is more intensity.
And since its not empire based but warband based it should also not be a successor, but a sub-series... like Heroes of Might&Magic became its own series, evolved out of Might&Magic. There is already a discussion about how a forth part of AoW could/should be like.

Imagine, you chose your race, a class and the starting Magic (if playing a magical class), you have a hometown where you start your adventure. You do Quests from cities to earn respect for the different rraces they belong to, to gain access to higher tier stuff from them. You earn gold, find manacrystals and books to study for researching spells and maybe even blueprints for buildings, in case you manage to become the mayor of a city. So there are libraries around where you can buy specific spells that fits your magic specializations.
You hire other members or start training them so u can include them in your party in some turns.
BattleBrothers with Magic and fantasy races. And maybe citymanagement in the late game.
Focus should be on fights, but even if more complex mechanics would be okay, I strongly refuse the Stagger-mechanic from Planetfall.
Compared to AoW3 there should be the option to miss attacks (not only against lucky ...), Attack vs Defense checks, and Damage vs Armor to see how much Damage was really dealt. Like it was in AoW1 and 2 and SM.

So ressourcewise, what would be needed?
Gold - self explanatory
Manacrystals - same
Orbs - Unlock Magic Specializations (if u have 1 fire orb, you can use tier 1 fire spells)
Leadership - how many Characters your leader is able to control
Books - Priests or Mages in your Group might study for researchpoints. Maybe everyone but the more intelligence the higher the multiplicator...

Imagine the differences the individual races and classes have...
Pikeniers attack from 2 Hexes away, magical affine races have a higher max for Orbs.
Goblins usually are weak and come in masses, so they have cheap characters that require half the leadershippoints to control.
Elves usually are agile and known for their archers. So they might have 1 additional hex to move and 1 additional range.
Orcs have a health- and strength-bonus, Dwarves have higher Defense and Armor, plus their equipment has higher durability.
Barbarians get +1 damage for every successful melee attack in a row,
some classes are able to charge (additional 1 movement to close the gap into melee),
Undead use Necromancers to increase the amount of characters in the Warband, Zombies use no leadership but they need corpses before being summoned, and Vampires infect and/or seduce the living.
Uhhhhh and the Darkelves... The stylish army in their black-violett armors with golden ornaments, with their horde of netspitting spiders, Bladedancers that are unmatched in elegance and speed, lead by mighty Spiderqueens, supported by their priestesses... you have to love them.

The last few years are full of high class strategy game titles and even later this year there will be some released. But no matter what you look at, none of the releases are as good as AoW.
Be it that they have squares instead of hexes, or the setting is no fantasy at all, or the units run individually on the world map where they also fight, instead of in separated battle maps, or the art style is too weird... or all of that at the same time.
So what the world really needs is triumph studios to start reclaiming the gold medal in tactical turnbased games and make at least one game that brings back order in the fantasy settings among the tactical rpgs, with recognizable units, art style and a NON-DnD-Magic system. Thanks for listening. Now you can put your oar in, i know your fingers are itching...
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I never played Battlebrothers so I can't give much feedback.

But yeah, AOW has enough unique lore that an RPG, especially a turn-based CRPG based on its world, could be VERY interesting.

Another idea to consider, considering in which forum we are: Age of Wonders Grand Strategy game. The era of the first game is especially perfect for this, with all the conflicts, wars, multiple alliances, chaos and havoks, etc.

CKIII would be perfect for it, I wonder how long until some modders get the idea.

Honestly, considering Paradox already has a sci-fi Grand Strategy in their stable, an Age of Wonders GSG would be a perfect counter-part to Stellaris.

If you want a more involved combat system, perhaps take a cue from Field of Glory: Empires vanilla combat system, or Knights of Honour.