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May 21, 2007
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Hello everybody. Once again, I have decided to write another AAR. Originally I was going to write a HOI3 AAR as Canada, but HOI3 runs like a turtle on my system, and I also love HOI2 ARMA already, so I decided to stick with it.

This time, I will play as the United States of America in the excellent Kaiserreich mod for HOI2 Armageddon. The latest version of KR is much better than previous ones, and I thought it would be fun to do something other than the original WW2.

Anyway, now on to the settings.

Hoi2 Arma v1.3 beta 2 with Kaiserreich mod v 1.0
Difficulty/Aggression: Normal/Furious (note that I will ramp up the difficulty as the game progresses)
IC takeover: off
techteam takeover: off
Cheats:I will play most of the game with Nofog on, but will switch it off probably when the civil war starts, or when I go to war with some other nations. I mostly want to have nofog on so I can see if the AI is doing something stupid.

Modifications: I have modded some events for the CSA, AUS, and PSA to give them more troops, I also modified some events for the CNT-FAI faction in Spain to give them a lot more units once Spain descends into Civil war.

I have also modified the AI's of some countries, to give them better research and building priorities. Usually the AI will just build infantry and aircraft, but now you should hopefully see many of the worlds major powers building lots of armoured, motorized, mechanized, and commando divisions, as well as balanced airforces and navies.

I also modified some of the starting OOB's for Germany, Canada, Japan, and Britain. Britain's, garrisons have been replaced with regular infantry, as well as Canada's militias. The German and British navies also have more up to date battleships, instead of some of the great war era tin cans they already had before. Japan's aircraft carriers have also been upgraded to more modern versions.

Other than that, I have added lots of new icons, sprites, and other graphics.

Anyway, with that housekeeping out of the way, lets get started.
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The United States of America, January 1936. Separated from world events by 2 massive oceans, the United states has not fought a major war since 1898, preferring instead to sit in happy isolation while the global balance of power crumbled all around it during the so called weltkreig, and the chaos that ensued with the collapse of the French and British empires to military defeat and social revolution.

The government of the United States in 1936. The president is Republican Herbert Hoover, who has led the country since 1929. Unfortunately, his presidency has not been a very good one. Hoover's bungled response to the stock market crash of 1929 has led to terrible economic depression, with many millions of Americans losing their livelihoods and many factories closing down.


The loss of jobs and the inability of the federal government to help alleviate the problem has led to levels of discontent not seen since the 1860's. Riots, demonstrations, protests, and even violent confrontations are common all across the country. Many people within the United States have become radicalized by the economic hardship, flocking to two new political parties that have recently formed. The American Union party under the leadership of Huey long, and the Combined Syndicates of America party led by John 'jack' Reed. Both parties advocate radical economic and social reforms, with the CSA advocating the creation of a radical socialist state along French/Sicilian lines, and the AUS advocating a more conservative, traditional form of government.

Europe in 1936. The entire continent has been radically redrawn since Germany's crushing victory during the weltkreig. Germany, under Kaiser Wilhelm the 2nd, is the most dominant nation on earth, possessing a huge navy with dozens of battleships, colonies from Africa to the pacific ocean, and huge political and economic power in Europe. to the south is the Austro-Hungarian empire, which decentralized into nominally independent states in the 1920's. In Eastern Europe are Germany's postwar allies, Lithuania, the Baltic duchy, Weissruthenia, and Ukraine, ruled by a combination of German princes and Dukes, as well as local officials.

In western Europe, are the founding nations of the so called "syndicalist international", the Commune of France and the Sicilian Republic. Both states are led by authoritarian councils of trade unions, and both seek vengeance against Germany for their defeats in the weltkreig. Both maintain good relations with the Union of Britain, the syndicalist British republic that was formed after the Royal family fled the island after the British revolution. Together, the French and Sicilians are looking to expand their influence, for a possible future confrontation with the German Goliath.

The other side of the world is in a similar situation, with China being carved up among local warlords, the Qing empire, and a German controlled corporate state, the AOG. Surrounding China are a combination of German colonies in Vietnam, Hainan island, and Tsingtao, Japanese possessions and puppet states in Primorsk and Manchuria, and independent nations like Siam and Burma. To the north is the brutal regime of Mongolia, led by Russian warlord Baron Ungern von Sternberg, who controls a large portion of the Trans-Siberian railroad. The region is very unstable, and even a small crisis could lead to all out war here.

Back in the United States, we begin the year's first research projects, with a priority on industrial and agricultural technologies, as well as new doctrines and equipment for the United States Army.

The president orders the United States navy's pacific fleet to relocate to the Atlantic, for reorganization and review.

Interesting. I will watch this.
Another source of possible global conflict is the shattered remnants of the once mighty Russian empire. Carved up after the German intervention in the Russian civil war and subsequent defeat of the Bolsheviks, Russia is a broken state, with its armed forces understrength and many of its territories becoming independent republics, or German controlled puppet states. Leading the country is Alexander Kerensky, the subject of many failed assassination plots....

Finally, to wrap up the global overview, is America's vengeful, heavily armed neighbour to the north, Canada. After the British revolution, the royal family, many of Britain's higher and middle class citizens, as well as the royal navy and many units of the British army, fled across the Atlantic to exile in Canada. The Canadians and their British guests now lead the remnants of the old Entente, including the exiled French leadership in Algeria, for the purpose of some day reclaiming their old homelands when the time comes.

Tragedy strikes Russia as Alexander Kerensky is assassinated in Moscow. Replacing him is the heir to the Russian throne, Grand Duke Dimitri Romanov, who vows to rebuild the country, and resurrect the Russian empire.

The US signs a number of trade agreements proposed by the nations of latin America for US natural resources and rare materials. in return, the US receives a huge influx of manufactured goods and supplies. (this also makes my daily supply requirement drop to 0, allowing me to focus entirely on production and consumer goods)

Another world leader dies, this time of natural causes, as the British king, George the 5th, passes away in Ottawa, leaving the throne of the exiled British crown to Edward the 8th.

The emperor of the Qing empire, Pu Yi, announces the beginning of the so called 'new reformation'. Time will tell to see what this means for China.

Back in the US, violence by Sicilian mobsters is getting out of control. In many cities across America, these mobsters battle both each other and the FBI for the control of the liquor trade, as well as participating in other types of illicit activity.

In Europe, the German economy, one of, if not the strongest economy's on earth, nosedives with the crash of the Berlin stock market. Although the effects of unemployment and inflation are confined only to Germany, they will inevitably reverberate throughout the entire world economy.

Vice president Charles Curtis recovers from a recent illness. Although this is good news, the fact that the vice president is very close to death is undermining the public's confidence in the federal government's ability to run the nation effectively.

Another 2 events take place that fuel further unrest against the US government. A violent incident in Detroit involving auto workers Unions and corporate security forces, as well as the opening of Charlie Chaplin's movie "Modern Times" serve only to send more people (and voters) to the side of the radical socialist movements in major cities in the heavily industrialized midwest states.
Very nice. Will follow.

Also, please don't go syndicalist, pretty much every kaiserreich American AAR does that.
Great, another KR AAR! Will follow.
Goodluck :D
@thatguy & yourworstnightm: America will maintain its democracy in the face of syndicalist oppression and military dictatorship.

@everyone else: thanks for your comments!

An alliance proposition between Tibet and Mongolia falls apart after Tibet's government turns away the Mongolian envoy. It would seem that Sternberg is on his own in Asia.

Reichswagen, das auto.


With the federal government now investing money and capital into banks, factories, and businesses, the economy is beginning to recover. With this recovery, national dissent and civil disturbances are beginning to fall, and production is now starting to increase.

In the Caribbean, a war erupts between Haiti and the tyrannical regime of Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican republic. (this also bumps up my interventionism slider by 2 points. Pretty cool.)

A flooding disaster in Pittsburgh occurs on St Patricks day. President Hoover promises huge government aid to the people affected, further lowering public discontent with the government.

America is not the only country suffering from public disorder. Spain is currently dealing with huge civil disturbances brought about by the anarcho-syndicalist organization CNT-FAI. The Spanish government decides to outright ban the organization, in hopes of curbing their influence.

At the same time, a war almost erupts in Africa between the Portuguese and the giant German colony of Mittelafrika, led by weltkreig veteran and German war hero Hermann Goring. The crisis is ended once the German Kaiser personally steps in, ordering Goring to back down.

In Russia, the government of Dimitri Romanov is proving to be just as dictatorial as that of the old Czar, Nicholas the 2nd. Romanov decides to re institute serfdom of peasants, a decision that can only serve to further disrupt a country that is already very unstable.

Back in the Americas, Mexico's president dies. Following his death, three Generals of the Mexican armed forces take control of the government, and form a Military junta to rule the country.
Warlord Sternberg of Mongolia, without any allies or external support in the region, decides not to invade the regions controlled by the Ma warlords in northern China. Meanwhile, the US completes research into new farming methods.

The federal government decides to extend full and equal rights to the country's aboriginal population. This helps to further curb domestic unrest.

Sweet! A very lucky break for the US by getting this event, which drops dissent even further by 5%. The country's manufacturing sector is now recovering at a very good pace.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government, with the backing of the British exiles, embarks on a massive rearmament program. The bill, known as bill C-7, would later pass the Canadian house of lords and become official law.

Bengal, one of the 3 states that emerged with the collapse of the British Raj, decides to embrace radical syndicalist policies, moving ever closer to a full alliance with the Commune of France or the Union of Britain.

Speaking of the Commune of France, the French announce the beginning of the congress of the global syndicalist international, a conference attended by the worlds leading syndicalist leaders to determine the course of their movement.

The first public details of the conference send alarm through the governments of many nations, with the announcement that the French and their allies are prepared to use any means necessary to tear apart the global balance of power.

One of the more disturbing reports to come out of the Paris conference are the international's stance on the United States. The governments of both Britain and France have openly declared their support for Jack Reed and the Combined Syndicates of America party, pledging to do whatever they can to help him take power. It is now obvious for everybody to see, that foreign nations are now actively plotting the overthrow of the US government.

Closer to home, Panama is annexed into the Central American United Provinces.

In Japan, domestic unrest spreads from Niigata to other regions of the country, forcing the Japanese government to deploy the army to suppress demonstrators. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.
Back in Europe, The Germans and Ottomans recreate their military alliance from the weltkreig. The Ottoman empire also brings its allies Libya, Albania, and Armenia into the German Mitteleuropa bloc.

No! Hippies! I thought they didn't come around until the 1960's! Anyway, the hippies force my isolationist slider to move up by 1.

The movie "Gone with the Wind" hits theatres, allowing people to take their minds off the partisan politics and political demonstrations that plague the US these days. My dissent is now almost at zero.

With industrial production now returned to pre 1929 levels, the US government can now being the enlargement of the United States Army. The decision to drastically increase the size of the peacetime army is heavily based on the threat posed by local extremist parties, who are threatening to use violence if their parties in the upcoming 1936 elections fail to win power.

July 4th, 1936. Americans all over the country celebrate America's independence from the British Empire after the revolutionary war. This event finally drops domestic dissent to zero.

With more industrial capacity now available, the military expansion is enlarged, with the training of new part time national guard divisions to help ensure security.

In Japan, civil unrest has forced the government to implement martial law all over the country.

The United States government implements a large free trade agreement with the Russian government, giving the Russian a very large amount of oil for Russian rare materials.

Events finally reach their climax in Japan, as the civilian administration falls apart after the assassination of the Japanese prime minister. Japan is now run by an extreme right wing military dictatorship, with the blessing of Emperor Hirohito. Although the US is very worried by this development, no one is more concerned than the Germans, who have placed their pacific military garrisons on high alert.

60,000 new soldiers complete their training and are now ready for service in the United States army.
One more update for tonight.

In late September, 1936, President Hoover meets with General MacArthur, head of the United States Military's Joint Chiefs of Staff. During this meeting, the president and the charismatic General discuss the recent political upheaval of the last few years. It is during this discussion that General MacArthur proposes a very dramatic course of action to stop the influence of the radical trade unions and the right wing militant parties dead in their tracks.

What the General proposes is a suspension of the US constitution, the banning of political parties, and the implementation of martial law through out the country, effectively turning the US into a military dictatorship like those in Mexico or Japan. President Hoover, although somewhat tempted to use such action to stop the likes of Reed or Long from gaining power refuses, on the basis that creating a military government would sacrifice everything that the United States stands for. The elections will go ahead as promised. Hoover only hopes that Reed and Long can be stopped at the ballot box....

In Europe, the Union of Britain begins to court Norway for membership in the syndicalist international. Norway is at first willing to play along, but after socialists begin demonstrations and strikes to overthrow the government, the Norwegians back away.

November 4th, 1936. The fateful day has come. Americans, in one of the highest election turnouts in US history, go to the ballot box to choose their new government. As the polls begin to close late into the night, the ballots are counted and a winner is announced.

The winner is Democratic candidate for president John Nance Garner, who gains a very large majority in the electoral college votes giving him an undeniable victory. The mandate given to President garner shows clearly that the vast majority of the American people have shunned radical leftism and right wing extremism, for the sake of preserving America's democratic values. President Hoover now gladly prepares to help make the transition to President Elect Garner's administration as easy as possible, happy that both Reed and Long have failed in their aspirations to destroy the nation.


The US government signs a very large trade deal with the German Empire, trading vast amounts of oil and steel for German rare materials.

4 days after the end of one of the most dramatic election campaigns in US history, a new crisis emerges. Huey Long, leader of the America first Union party, shows his true colors as he publicly denounces the fair and free elections that recently resulted in his defeat. Despite being shown massive amounts of proof that the elections where not fraudulent, Long continues to protest, showing just what a sore, pathetic loser he is.

Long's denouncement of the election now starts a new crisis, as the FBI and the OSS discover that the America First Union party is building training camps all across the southern US states, and financing the creation of a private paramilitary force known as the 'Minutemen', in clear reference to the American colonists who fought the British during the war for independence. This is an extremely alarming development.

As if things could not get worse, the leadership of the Combined Syndicates of America party, led by Jack Reed, who by the way suffered a humiliating defeat in the elections, now makes their own denunciation of the election process and accuses the government of vote rigging and fraud.

Very soon, these developments will lead to the greatest crisis in American history since the civil war in the 1860's.
Looks as if things are heating up in the US. That large army you've been working on will help keep the peace I'm sure.
Heading for a revolution?
Omg omg omg xD
Mmmmh a new Kaiserreich AAR, nice!
I'm subscribed!