Jun 6, 2019
Stardate 2340

After an early victory against the Obdian Authority the Mitian Star Empire was in a good position to continue the conquest which unified the planet under the one true Emperor X'ar. The second galactic war turned into a four way free for all. In the chaos we managed to secure some new systems, 2 vassals and vassalized another group who was liberated by an opposing federation but not protected. Another liberated cluster did get protectorate status and now sits in the middle of my new territories. I share a large border with another fed member anyway I like to think I've got them surrounded.

I integrated one vassal and gave those planets to the other so hopefully they'll be some help they have maybe 6 planets. I have another vassal with one system well behind my lines I'm tempted to give him systems on my other front but may wait until I have some new systems I'm not concerned about. Right now he has border friction with a FE, if it were me I think they'd be more likely to demand that system be cleansed.

Robots/ droids have been less than impressive so far. maybe they'll be better as synths. Even after making a few tomb worlds into 100% mining my minerals are still only 170. I did focus other planets on energy and science during that time. I gained a homeworld filled with science stations and have about as much science as minerals which I'm not sure if thats good or bad. I can definitely stop making energy and also switch some food to other things.

Research is ahead of schedule. The Mega Cannon is fully operational and kinetic arty but there still seems like a lot to go. Still looking for synth and better torpedos. I will look into the cost of upgrading at least my battleships. L plasma on cruisers and BB has been effective. I still have 200 or so left to fill my fleet cap. It seems better to push new models into service rather than upgrading yet.

It's just me, my vassals, a 3x Federation and a FE. I've recently passed the 50k mark so assume the FE can awaken at any time and have to decide if I want to preempt them or start against the federation (no crisis, console 1.7).
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