Improving the MY EMPIRE Mode and How could it Be Applied in Fantasy AOW.

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Mar 15, 2019
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I have quickly become a fan of this mode, but I believe it needs improvements.

First of all it should include a multiplayer option. When starting a game there should be the option of including other players. If a player keeps winning he should gain some "vanity" trophies (better looking armies, the title of emperor, monuments with his looks around the map, maybe a couple of special magic items...) but he should also pile up a few handicaps (being hated by independents, for example, but also a large empire would start to be plagued with corruption and that could create more problems)

Maybe Heroes could also develop negative habits and get negative bonuses. By the way I have always liked a system like the one in the Total War series, where heroes level up acquiring skills automatically. Meaning that it is not the player that hand picks their improvements. In some cases they also acquire traits related to what they have been doing. For example in those games if you send a hero to a decentralized province and don't use it for too long he will become "lazy" and lose his skills...

In any case a handicap system would obviously help keeping the game balanced, while still honoring the better player, but it would also allow an occasional player not to participate to every game his friends play and still be competitive the times he is in.

Also the "My Empire" mode as it is needs some improvements. It makes no sense for example being able to acquire even the most precious bonus on "easy" planets. I believe if one wants a Grail, he should only be able to get it on an XL map at the Nightmarish level of difficulty. The My Empire Mode should be challenging, otherwise there is no point.

I really see it as a great innovation to the genre and I look forward to see it in AOW IV, but as I said also as a Multiplayer system.

It also needs a random hero generator and a random name generator both heroes/leaders and for "planets" (I suppose in a fantasy game those would be called "regions"). Names could be combinations of suffix so that by creating just a few hundred of them the game could combine them and make them become many more.

Any opinions?
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