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Jul 29, 2017
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I am going to keep this short because I had it all typed out and the site asked me to log in and wiped my entire message so this is my second time saying this.

Modding the game is really easy to do, it could be a bit more organized for some of the files like materials, they could be broken up to separate files like for rooms, objects etc. but for the most part, it works.

However currently there is a major problem with sprite maps and using many mods, you may be aware of this issue with the mods needing to size up the sprite maps for objects only to cause corruption to game saves.

This could be fixed by creating a file similar to mod_type.txt but used to define mod files to add to the base game files.

For example, the file could look something like this.

BEGIN Content
File0 data/materials_new_objects.txt Source data/materials.txt Action Add SourceType Game
File1 data/materials_edited_objects.txt Source data/materials.txt action replace SourceType Game
File2 data/materials_rooms.txt Source data/materials_objects.txt Action Add SourceType Mod ModID "material_craft"

<Path>: This defines the file used to override the content.
Source: This will define the file to replace from the mod or base game.
<SourcePath> This defines the mod path file or base game path file.
Action: This would define the type of file action (Replace, Add, or Remove)
<Action>: This is the action the user selects for the file.
SoruceType: This defines the kind of content to be overridden (Game, Mods)
<SourceType>: Sets the source action by the user Mod will allow for selecting ModID.
ModID: Used to target a specific mod file.
<ModID> This could be the steam ID or an ID defined for the mod in the manifest.txt file

This would be a quicker way than redesign the entire system is just to allow mods to have access to their own files and not have to edit existing images and text files.
This will help keep conflict low, as the only conflict would be mod_id based if done well

Another system you can do is break sprites into separate images files like how Minecraft has done in the past, they used to use one 256x256 sprite map back in beta and move to 16x16 images for every resource texture, however, this would take a lot more work I imagine doing this far down the road for development so you may be better off using the first method I suggested with something like the mod_types.text and mod ID system.

Please consider doing this for the modding community.

Thank you for your time guys. I hope that you figure something out for everyone in the long term.
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