Implementing temporary effects for "dangerous" technologies


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Jan 14, 2021
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Instead of having dangerous technology only influence on the galactic level, maybe short-term localised dangers would work better and actually make them "dangerous" to the person researching them.

For example, researching Psi Jump Drives could have a chance to spawn a hostile psionic avatar in your space within 5 years of researching it (or after starting researching it). This would simulate the consequences of toying with dangerous technology, but at the same time still give you the option to "stabilize" these dangerous tools, so you have a safe long-term use.

At the same time, I think making more technologies "dangerous" (to varying degrees) would add a lot of subtle flavour.
  • Neural Implants technology allows you to subdue slaves better, but it could come with a very difficult implementation period. (i.e. 10 years of increased unrest by slaves until the tech is fully implemented and perfected)
  • Morphogenetic Field Mastery technology could have a chance to randomly spawn a small rogue xenomorph army on one of your planets with a science lab
  • Genetic Tailoring and Genetic Resequencing technologies could randomly mutate a few really pops on your science planets (with unique bad traits, making them unproductive or unhappy and potentially spread a lot if not "fixed")
  • Wormhole Stabilization could randomly swallow the first few vessels that pass through wormholes, severely damage them or make them go missing. (also time-limited, of course)
  • Researching weapons of mass destruction could lead to temporary unrest/unhappiness of non-militarist (and especially pacifists)
  • Researching the highest tier resource gathering (e.g. Mineral Isolation) could randomly spawn (weighted by mining job count) temporary planetary modifiers of extraction catastrophies reducing mining output for a certain time or adding a job upkeep.
These things should not be huge disruptive events, but amplify problems, if you have them already. If your slaves are already on the verge of rebellion, maybe neural implants gives the final push - it shouldn't be able start rebellions on it's own.
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