Implement Underwater, Underground and Orbital Planetary Features.

Implement Underwater, Underground and Orbital Planetary Features.

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Jul 26, 2020
Would it be conceivable to implement a series of decisions, or technologies that can be researched mid-late game which can give access to these decisions.

I always thought that it would make sense to be able to build Underground or Underwater even in the Orbit of an inhabited planet, perhaps as sub-levels on the planet but obviously that would be to OP or un-balanced and i'm not sure how it would work in a balanced format.

I was thinking that it might work if they were implemented as Planetary Features that can be activated via decisions (similar to the 'upgrade habitat' decision) and can provide extra districts or max-districts as well as creating jobs,

Naturally they would have to be fairly expensive, as much or maybe more than what it costs upgrading habitats with 1000-1500 alloys. (On a side note, personally I believe that upgrading habitats should be more expensive. The spam is a bit of a problem.)

Some examples of these planetary features could be:

1. An Underground Mining Facility that can provide +1 district or +1 max mining district or both.

2. Maybe an Underground Subterranean City district that provides housing and some jobs of some kind. (Could have issues regarding habitability since your race may not like living underground.)

3. Perhaps there could be an Underground Prison Complex that provides +1-2 soldier jobs (it could generate some resources such as minerals because of prison labour programmes?)

4. Underwater Research Centre, that provides some research jobs.

5. An Underwater Leisure area, maybe tourist attraction that increases immigration pull and generates amenities and additionally provides some housing.

6. As for the Orbit of a planet, maybe a small Trade Station that has some cleric or merchant jobs.

7. There could also be an Orbital Space Elevator, (Those are always cool) that connects to a minor, sub-space station which could have multiple possibilities as what it could produce, housing, amenities, naval capacity, cleric ect. (perhaps it could be a multi-layer project with the orbital elevator building first and upgrades with the attached sub-space-station.)

Other ideas I could think of could be mining stations around asteroid belts that orbit the planet. Research stations above the planet in orbit or an orbital prison. Underground red-light district? It could also allow for some new interesting buildings (Mega-structures?) to be built on planets.

Let me know if this is too un-balanced and if there is a solution to fix the balance, or if the idea is just plain stupid and breaks the game.
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