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Hey everyone,

With Imperator: Rome, a project very close to our hearts, now released and finally in the hands of our awesome community (that’s you!), we have been taking the time to look at the feedback you’ve provided. As always, we pride ourselves on the continued support of our games and by no means will Imperator be different.

We are working towards releasing a 1.0.1 patch early next week, which we’re calling ‘Demetrius’. This patch will improve the AI, fix compatibility issues, game crashes, some multiplayer out-of-syncs, and will also contain some performance improvements.

At the same time, we have been looking at all the feedback from play-testing, our Twitch and YouTube communities, and the press for the past month and a half as we prepared for release. Now we are adding all of your feedback from Steam, the forums, and social media to that! With it, we have begun developing a major patch which is aimed for release in June.

This 1.1 patch is nicknamed ‘Pompey’ internally. We will go into more detail with upcoming development diaries before it’s released. Pompey will cover the following topics:

  • Balancing of Technology Progress, Mercenaries, Shattered Retreat, Truce Breaking, Assassinations, Governors, War Exhaustion, and Legitimacy.
  • Improving the mechanics for Population Growth, Stability, and Barbarians.
  • Tweaks to Civil War mechanics, with new power-base mechanics.
  • Naval rework, with Naval Combat mechanics and multiple ship types, as well as navigable major rivers.
  • Deeper Holding mechanics for characters, where you can give characters holdings and they can purchase new ones as they grow in wealth.
  • More character interactions.
  • New Piracy mechanics.
  • Redesigning of functionality where instead of spending power for an instant result, you now spend power to nudge it towards that result over time.
  • Better abilities to play tall, including centralising trade, impacting specific cities, etc.
  • Tribes being able to decide what units their retinues should have.
  • Dual Ruler mechanics for Roman Republic, and Consorts for Monarchies.
  • Government Abilities for all government categories.
  • ‘Quality of Life’ features like viewing all characters in a foreign country, new alerts, road building being a continuous action, and more.
  • Adding of features from previous PDS games like moving capitals and regnal numbers on monarchs
    Much more modding support.

Whilst we have already started towards patch 1.1, we will continue to look at fixing any major issues that come up between now and then as well.

For the list of currently known issues see here.

And, if you want to learn more about the game development of Imperator, I created a thread on the subject, please do check it out! You simply have to click here!
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Sounds great, thanks for the info Johan.
Indeed, does sound GREAT ! Thanks for taking time to post a road map so soon !!!! :):)
This is great stuff, though hope the work on solving the "November crash" that I and others have experienced will take precedence for now... :)

Re the holdings you can give people (something that I've always felt was sorely missing in CK2!), will that be tied to actual provinces - so that e.g. ceding territory in a peace deal would potentially deprive people of holdings, and make them less loyal etc? Would be great if this was tied to actual (and thus limited) holdings, rather than a more nebulous "holdings" content.

Looking forward to seeing deeper naval mechanics - and navigable rivers! :)
I like the direction in which the road is heading - more CK2ish features I feel will make the game even more vibrant :) Thanks Johan!

Hopefully there will be more stuff that will be added over the months to come. On that note, if Co-Consuls are coming to Rome, would Dual monarchs be coming to Sparta too? :)
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What about, being able to create a template for a legion, so that all are uniform, and can be recruited at once. I bet AI has Roman legions with 3000/4000 cavalry.
And buildings, I want build Aqueducts, forums, spas, roads, statues, and everything that led to the Romanization of the world.
Glad to see these changes coming to the game! Though honestly, with many of them I was really shocked they weren't in the 1.0 release.
Sounds like the road is heading in the right direction! I particularly like the idea of navigable major rivers and a better holdings system. I hope that you will also include a bit more "flavour" in the game