Immigration Pull build could be fun

Immigration Pull build could be fun

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May 8, 2020
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I don't wanna show this build is op or anything, if some1 is bored of military empire and want to make some peacefull empire that can be build for you

got bored today and wanted to make some peacefull trade empire with focus on immigration pull and results reached out of my imagination


this game is on GA no scalling with high AI aggressive and ironman, got all this pops from immigration pull, you can try this build if you get bored if you like for chill RP game

also with my luck I started with 2 fanatic purifires with every war they made I get some sweet immigrations 3> later in game 2 other exterminatios joined thu rebelion also got trade pact with grand company for branches

be peacefull and make your economy so big to crash this fascists xeons ! xD