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Dec 24, 2008
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I've run into a rather odd a frankly somewhat game-ruining issue where marriages I arrange gets immediately annulled, and one half of the marriage ends up hitched to a randomly generated NPC.

To elaborate: I have been carving out a small, orcish realm in the earliest starting date, sitting reasonably nicely. Playing as someone who believes in the 8 divines, because why not. I had three children, all of whom I got betrothed to various noble heirs in other realms. They were all Imperials, but I didn't think that would be too much of an issue.

So, the first, a daughter who I had to get matrilineally betrothed, comes of age. I send the marriage proposal, it gets accepted, but the very next day I get a message saying my daughter has returned to my court. I check, and she is now married (Not matrilineally) to some random orsimer guy, while the NPC she was betrothed to as back at his dad's court, unmarried. Had to call on the DB to get the random orc killed.

So, two years pass, and second child, also a daughter, comes of age. I marry her off to some Colovian kingdom as per betrothal. One day passes, she returns, unmarried. I check, and the guy she was betrothed to is now married to a random NPC that matches his culture. My daughter is unmarried.

In short, this issue seems to force agreed betrothals to cancel the marriage immediately after tying the knot, forcing the "leading" partner in the marriage to marry some random NPC instead. Does anyone know what that might be caused by?

I am playing with one other mod enabled, but that is just the char debug option which adds some extra tooltips, and doesn't really interfere with much. It is useful for console stuff, but nothing immediately game-changing.

I am also sure it can't be the interracial aspect of it, because I have already spotted two random courtiers married to each other, where one half was Breton, the other Argonian. I am quite honestly stumped. If anyone knows what this might be, I'd love to know.


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Jun 17, 2013
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Although it did not happen everytime, it seems that this issue is relatively linked to interracial marriages, even if those are totally available and considered by the game. However, when the marriage is set between courtiers in the same court, like your argonian courtier, the issue does not occur, generally.

I don't know why or how to fix it, however.