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Hello everyone. I am very happy to return to the Europa Universalis IV team as Game Director. It’s been a few years since I’ve managed this game, and now that we are pushing towards completing a major new expansion, I’ve decided that, for now at least, I will guide the project into completion.

Most of you know that I have a long history (over 20 years) with Europa Universalis, and I’ve been the Game Director for EU4 before. I’m very proud of my work on the Art of War and Rights of Man expansions, and EU will always have a very special meaning for me, so I am excited to return.

I’m going to be working on this alongside Henrik Hansson, who most of you know as Groogy. We will continue on developing his great ideas for this expansion, and ensure it will be the best one so far. You will see and hear a lot more of Groogy in coming months. He’s a very talented guy with a lot of great ideas for EU, so I hope you’ll be pleased with what we put together.

Europa Universalis development is going strong. We have an excellent team on the game, and it remains a favorite game for a lot of us in the office. We will continue to keep you updated with developer diaries and so on, so you can see where we are going and get a sense for our wider ambitions for the game.
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welcome back johan :p i'm glad you're managing the "final cut" of the game :)
That explains why Johan has been so active in this subforum for the last few months :) welcome back!
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Does this mean IR gona be abandoned?

Nope, Imperator has a new Game Director.
The change has primarily happened because DDRJake's leaving of the company has left EU4 team without a leader. Johan, who is big daddy of the Europa Universalis franchise, is coming back to his child while Arheo, who is in big part responsible for many new features that have vastly improved Imperator, is now leading Imperator's development.
Welcome back, Johan! Curious to see what brings the further content of the new expansion. Also, with this announcement, would this bring back weekly developer diaries?
Also, with this announcement, would this bring back weekly developer diaries?

not before xmas at least. We'll see after that.
Oops. Wandered over here by mistake.. Back to your true calling I see.