If your posts end up in the moderation queue ("awaiting moderator approval")

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In the ongoing war on spam we have implemented numerous precautions to protect you from being bombarded by spambots with questionable offers.

Sadly this protection is not 100% accurate and may at some points give false positives. This is what happened if your posts end up in the moderation queue. If this happens, do not try to re-post as there will be doubles when you are approved by a mod. Your post will be approved eventually, so just be patient.

If you are having repeated problems with this causing basically all your posts to end up in the moderation queue you can post in this thread and we will see what actions we can take to help you out.

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I got my posts blocked today, occured once before some week ago.

You should really make the warning message bigger with a large red warning box. It's very easy to miss the message and start troubleshooting / reposting.
Could be the unapproved external link in your Signature, that is a contravention of our terms of service.
{No External Links} You will not post a link to an external website or forum without prior approval of an Administrator. (Sites with no user interaction (that only host media are okay, as long as that media meets and obeys all other rules) You will not link to images on other websites unless you have authorization to do so (or the site is designed for that purpose). This kind of "hot linking" is stealing the bandwidth of the server you link from, and is not appreciated. You will not post material (including text, images, graphics or other artwork) unless the copyright is owned by you, and/or Paradox, and/or the material is not in violation of any NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that you may have signed, and/or you have the expressed permission of the copyright holder to do so, and/or you fully attribute the holder of the copyrighted material.

Colours, links (in accordance with Forum Rules) and other vBB codes may be used

Since cimexchange is an officially recognized fan community for the CiM-series and the main source of user created content i don't see how links there would break the rules. Is not the whole CiMx site an approved exception? Please clearify.

I'll remove the link awaiting your response.
Which Admin approved it?
The terms of service are clear that any external link must be approved by an Administrator.
And we log the ones that have been, I do not see that one on the list.
We normally do not allow links to fan sites especially if they have forums.
I once posted in the victoria 2 forum about "Save Challenge" it had an external link for allowing people do download my save and look for themselves, i get it if it's not allowed, But the problem is i'm afraid i'm having the same problem now with my "Soo.. Againts this little great power.. [AHD]" post in the same forum which is just a question about a situation i encountered while playing the game.. does no people care for what i post or is this caused by because it's in the queue, either way i just want to know the reason :) i just used Steams, photo sharing feature to use the tags, which seemed to have worked...[/SIZE]

Edit: No problems, the last post is fixed! thanks anyway!
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I've just run through and deleted or released all posts in Moderation. In future it'd be best to post a link to the post involved thanks.
In almost all of the cases it is because you are posting an external link.

@Darzhul: there is no 'ETA' for posts leaving the moderation queue, it just depends when a moderator spots it. Unfortunately it's easy for them to go unnoticed and we are but volunteers, that a post gets stuck in the queue for a couple days is entirely possible.

If you want immediate results: make the same post, but without the external links.
I try to get to that job at least once a day, but I can't always do it every single day, sorry.
I made a post to the Vic 2 User Mods forum last night and it appeared (I was even able to edit it!), and when I went out to the forum, showed that I was the last poster. But then when you clicked on the thread again, nothing showed up. I assumed it got stuck in the spam queue.

Tonight I posted basically the same thing again, hoping to bypass the spam queue, but now the post is in moderation and didn't appear. I want to apologize if I just double posted!

When I attempted to visit my profile to view the message to provide a link here, nothing showed up. In fact, only about half of my posts are there? Not sure what is going on.

I'll just be patient at this point.
are you still having the issue? I just checked and nothing is sitting in moderation for Victoria2