If you were hoping for EU V, you ll have to wait for at least two more years...

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May 29, 2017
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When I started making EU4, I took everything from EU3, and just removed some stuff that I did not like.
Well, EU3 didn't have 8+ years worth of content added after launch, did it.
Though, to be fair, EU5 could very well streamline a lot of the bloat added to EU4 during these years, and still overhaul core mechanics to be a new game of its own.
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Jun 7, 2016
Looking at today's DD for EU4, I want to believe that Johan is truly committed to fix the way-too-many bugs that the game currently has, and produce quality content for the apparently remaining 2 years in the game's life circle. I want to believe it, I mean, Johan was one of the heads behind the start of it all, 20 years ago.
I play Europa Universalis since then, been a user of this forum since 2001 (lost my old account when the forum was modified), and of course I have been greatly disappointed since Mandate of Heaven. When Johan returned to the helm, I thought that things would be again on track, as the downfall clearly started during DDRJake's tenure.
But no. And what makes me wonder and question the most is the fact that Johan was the head of Imperator:Rome and we all know how that game was received and how it was at start. The helm in Imperator was trusted to another pilot and Johan returned to EU4... and now Imperator seems to be on the right course (fingers crossed, I hope so!).
Has Johan lost his "spark"? I don't want to believe it. I've always respected that guy and really admire him for having created such a magnificent game, and a franchise that I still enjoy after all these years. I like many strategy games, but Europa Universalis always has "that" special place in my heart.
So Johan, if you happen to read this, I really hope you'll live up to the legend and deliver excellent fine-tuning, bug-fixing (above all else!), and a couple of years of renewed brilliance to the game.

As for the new game not being EU V, well, it surely looks like that the time so many Victoria fans have been expecting is upon us. (even if personally I'd simply adore a new Paradox historical GSG placed in the Early Middle Ages...)
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