Idea: gold/silver standard and investment pool and credit

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Apr 19, 2013
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So people have been asking about whether money will be in the game, as in accumulated wealth. I think I’ve seen some people ask if the game will feature a treasury to buy buildings and stuff or how the nations tax income will be accumulated. I thought it would be Interesting if accumulated wealth contributed to a currency reserve for your nation. High income pops allow the nation to store larger gold or silver or whatever reserves which should make their currency worth more and therefore their investment pool more effective and their credit would be really good. Also goods would be cheaper/more expensive due to your currency value based off your silver reserves or gold reserves. You can buy more medicine In country b because your country a has a higher value dollar and less inflation. If money isn’t in the game like in eu4 but is abstracted closer to hoi4 this might be a nice idea.