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Lazy Name

Apr 26, 2020
My take on a way to add ethics and factions to Gestalts. I'm not really sure about some of these and they're probably really unbalanced, so feedback is appreciated.

Gestalt Ethics
The reason given for ethics being removed from gestalts is that unlike normal empires, there is no pressure from the system to act in a certain way. However, even if this is the case, it naturally stands that even many gestalts will always act based on the way they were developed/evolved. For example, a machine empire created as a military AI or a predator species Hive Mind will generally act aggressively, while a helper AI or a mutualistic Hive would be more inclined to cooperate. As such, ethics could be replaced with "Principles", which will describe its personality.
Passive (Pacifist)
Conflict is a waste of cognitive potential, and should be avoided if possible.
Higher stability, lower diplomatic influence cost

Aggressive (Militarist)
Competition is a natural part of intelligence. Why bother restricting it?
Increased ship fire rate, lower claim influence cost

Respect (Egalitarian)
It would be presumptuous to assume we know all. Every perspective is valuable.
More envoys, positive opinion modifier with all empires

Scorn (Authoritarian)
Individualists are petty, quarrelsome and incompetent. The collective is perfection.
Higher pop growth, increased admin cap, reduced diplomatic choices

Empathy (Xenophile)
Every life has value, no matter how tiny.
Cannot purge/enslave non-gestalt pops, can use liberation wars, increased pop happiness

Sadism (Xenophobe)
We will enjoy snuffing out their pathetic little self-congratulatory societies.
Lower starbase influence cost, slave output increased

Thought (Materialist)
We are free to choose and control our own destiny, restrained by nothing and no one.
Decreased monthly unity income, Increased research speed

Purpose (Spiritualist)
We exist for one purpose, and nothing will stop us from fulfilling it.
Increased monthly unity income, increased edict capacity

Gestalt Factions
Factions could be replaced by the needs that drive a gestalt. For a Hive mind they would be its “Impulses”, and for a Machine Intelligence they would be its “Directives”. Monthly influence income is tied to how satisfied the Impulses/Directives are, with high satisfaction producing higher influence than normal empires but low satisfaction producing very little influence. Stability is tied to Impulses/Directives, so neglecting them decreases stability to represent the fact that the drones are conflicted between the minds conscious thoughts (you) and its innate desires/goals.

Unlike factions, which are naturally divisive and can never all be happy, Impulses/Directives are more like purposes of the gestalt you must ensure you are fulfilling to maintain the collectives support behind your decisions. You can gain impulses/directives from your principles chosen and from special civics. Thought and Purpose do not give impulses/directives, and will instead weaken or strengthen the effects of impulses/directives respectively.
Appeasement (Principle: Passive)
Positive issues: Have positive relationship with an empire, form a non-aggression pact
Negative issues: Improve negative opinion with an empire, remove a claim
Extreme issues: End current war

Confrontation (Principle: Aggressive)
Positive issues: Destroy a hostile space fauna, declare rivalry with an empire
Negative issues: End a non-aggression pact
Extreme issues: Declare war on an empire that has a hostile, rival or domineering attitude

Learning (Principle: Respect)
Positive issues: Create primitive observation post, form research pact
Negative issues: Improve relations with empire that is superior in any way
Extreme issues: End war with empire that is superior in any way

Pride (Principle: Scorn)
Positive issues: Be superior to currently equal empire, subjugate nearby weak empire, insult an empire
Negative issues: Be equal to currently superior empire
Extreme issues: Declare war of independence against overlord

Protection (Principle: Empathy)
Positive issues: Form a defensive pact, create a protectorate, declare liberation war
Negative issues: End war with non-genocidal empire, set bombardment to selective
Extreme issues: Declare war on genocidal empire

Destruction (Principle: Sadism)
Positive issues: Purge x pops, make all non-gestalt pops within empire unhappy
Negative issues: End defensive pact, set bombardment to indiscriminate/Armageddon
Extreme Issues: Declare war on a non-gestalt empire
Impulses/Directives created by civics have a greater effect, but if a civic that produces such a purpose is not chosen the default is used instead.
Self-Perpetuation (Default)
Extreme issues: Produce x food/energy/minerals, expand borders

Hunger (Devouring Swarm)
Extreme issues: Consume x pops, declare war on an empire, produce x food

Knowledge (Driven Assimilators)
Extreme issues: Assimilate x pops, declare war on an empire, have superior tech level to other empires

Extermination (Determined Exterminators)
Extreme issues: Exterminate x pops, declare war on an empire, bombard a particular world into a tomb world

Service (Rogue Servitors)
Extreme issues: Improve bio-trophy happiness, produce x food/consumer goods, build a organic sanctuary
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