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Jan 16, 2014
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Since @DDRJake asked on the stream, I thought I would give these a go :)

Icelandic Ideas

The country, not the supermarket!

Global sailor modifier +20% (not sure how this modifier is balanced, but what ever is reasonable)
Diplomatic technology cost -10%

End of the Old Convenant
- Stability cost modifier -15%

The union of Iceland and Norway was agreed in the Old Covenant, giving the people of both nations equal rights in both countries in exchange for paying tax to the Norwegian king. It led to the union of Denmark and Iceland in the Kalmar Union, too, but it is now the time for Iceland to find its own place in the world!

The Family Sagas - Morale of armies +10%

Though the sagas of the Icelanders were kept alive for hundreds of years without being recorded, more recently we have committed many onto paper. Hearing these tales, we can aspire to be as great as the mighty warriors from who we descend!

Oddur's New Bible - Missionary strength +2.0

The pride and independence of our language can be conclusively settled by the publication of the New Testament in Icelandic, our first printed book, which will bring the word of God to those who do not speak Latin.

Hanseatic Trade - Trade efficiency +10%

The town of Hafnarfjörður has been home to traders from across Europe exchanging useful goods from elsewhere for our own exports. The power of the German traders has been increasing and we could benefit greatly from their business.

Tough Settlers - Global colonial growth +15

Our forefeathers settled this land which may, to many, seem like a hostile place. The sailors who left for Greenland and further ashore were also of the same stock as us. Stories are reaching us of new lands far to the West, which we are surely capable of settling.

The Ridder and the Vaepner - land leader maneouvre +1

Continental traditions are beginning to replace the old structure of the Icelandic nobility. The ridder and vaepner are equivalents to what might be called 'knights' and 'squires' in other nations. Cultivating the martial skills of our nobles is sure to enhance the fighting ability of our soldiers.

Reform the Althing - Advisor costs -15%

Under Norwegian rule, the once sovereign parliament of Iceland was reduced to a law court. It would be a shame for an institution which served us so well to remain in this weakened state. Perhaps by reorganising it into a new kind of assembly we can help ease the burdens of government.

Yearly Navy Tradition +1

(I'm not Icelandic, just an interested observer, so if someone has any remarks please feel free!)