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Aug 28, 2015
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So im at war as the US in WW1 but for some reason i have a -50% debuff on my IC. why is this? am i doing something wrong?


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May 13, 2015
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Do not know for sure how to answer this thread. Nevertheless, it's worth asking for some clarification:
  • What is the difficulty setting in the scenario?
    • Asking because difficulty settings may reduce the availability of IC.
  • Is there a mod enabled?
If the difficult setting is normal, then it's likely that there is an event restricting the available IC for the USA. In this case, you are more than likely not doing anything wrong and a preset IC restriction has been enabled.

For instance, in The Grand Campaign (TGC) mod (which is a WW1 mod for Darkest Hour) there are numerous events throughout the scenario that restrict IC for various countries. If recalling correctly from reading through the relevant forum thread's pages, the reasoning associated with some of the IC event restrictions, is to ensure enough resources are available within the global market to supply every country's IC needs.

Also, some mods implement events that restrict the USA's IC to provide a bit more of a challenge considering the USA begins with plenty of base IC without an immediate threat from a bordering country, thereby giving them somewhat of an advantage throughout the scenario. Of course, the USA has somewhat of an advantage because they lack immediate border threats. However, they still have to produce plenty of transport fleets in order to fight opponents, which, funny enough, means the USA requires plenty of IC in order to participate in the war as worthwhile adversary.