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Description of problem
trade from a province to the same province

What game version are you running?

What platform are you playing on?

Please select any/all DLC you have enabled.
Hellenistic world flavor pack, Magna Graecia Content Pack, Epirus Content Pack

Do you have mods enabled?

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
As you will see on the screens, there are 2 trades between a province and itself. How is that possible ?

Steps to reproduce the issue.
I think I wanted to export, but instead of targeting the foreign country the tooltip shows a trade from Caria inferioris to Caria inferioris...

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Is the whole province Caria Inferioris under your control? If not (and this seems to be the case if I look at that 1st screenshot), then one (or more) other tags have a province with the same name - and maybe coincidentally, the AI imports from "your" Caria Inferioris to "theirs". If you click on the province tab on the "Import" button (I know you have no free route, but that shouldn't stop you from being able to open it) and scroll down on the trade screen you should see the routes as well - maybe this sheds some more light in (as in this screen the tiny state flag of the importing tag and its name is displayed instead of the name of the province)
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