I:R - Am playing as Bosporan Kingdom, far into game and for whatever reason Rome's civil war takes place in my provinces, lose all land to Rome. No al

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Mar 23, 2021
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Description of problem
Am playing as Bosporan Kingdom, far into game and for whatever reason Rome's civil war takes place in my provinces, lose all land to Rome. No alliance or anything to do with them.

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Hellenistic world flavor pack, Epirus flavor pack, Magna Graecia Content Pack, Epirus Content Pack

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Whilst playing as the Bosporan Kingdom, late game, Rome's civil war seems to break out in my provinces transitioning them all from Bosporan Kingdom to Roman Revolt, I can't understand why as I have no alliances or affiliation with Rome and the provinces that it breaks out in are not close to Roman provinces. This is highly irritating as I end up losing lots of land to Rome, who are then too powerful for me to take it back from, what is going on and why has this happened.

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Nov 4, 2019
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Someone else mentioned something similar on here, but about a different country. I think he was Rome and the Etruscans had a revolt, and suddenly the Roman territory was split in half. Honestly, a random bug of this size is game-breaking. How it could pass by Paradox's quality control when 2.0 was supposed to be THE BIG UPDATE is mind-blowing. Just poor work quality and laziness.

Edit: Found it for you. Add your save files on here for them.
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