Jul 4, 2021
Hello everyone,
I am trying to create my first mod for custom emblems.
I have done everything as described here: but I cant get the emblem nor the category to show up in game.
The only thing which is different is the root folder, who is not called "mod_root" but just "mod". Im not sure how save it would be to edit it, since there is another mod already installed there.

My folders are as followed: (sry, I cannot get the positions right when I post, so the two first subfolders are bold, the rest is Italic)
├── flags/
│ └── Project/
│ ├──
│ ├── usage.txt
│ ├── /map/
│ └──
│ └── /small/
│ └──
└── localisation/
├── new_mod_l_english.yml (do I need others when I just play in english?)

In the localisation file is written:


FLAG_CATEGORY_new_flags:0 "Project" (error discovered here, see the EDIT)

Is there something I have missed?
An assumption would be that Capital Letters are not allowed in folder names, or that the root folder needs to be indeed called "Mod_root"
Another thing that confuses me is that in the example, the root folder is called "new_mod". Is this a folder in the actual "mod" folder? If so than it seems the "mod" folder is not the root folder but I need to create another one.

I have fixed the problem above but now Im at the state where I found out that GIMP (2.10.24) did not save my pictures with transparent background.
I have tried to use alpha channel, the image appears to have the background transparent but if saved (either dds or for experimental reason png) this is not the case anymore.
Is someone here who has experience with GIMP or can recommend an other, free program which can export to dds?

EDIT: I found out that an oline converter does a good job in solving the problem by offer it an pnd picture.
Next problem is, that the symbols are smaller than normal ones despite saving it in the required sizes.
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