I hope Oblivion: Lasombra and Hecata are both well-implemented as playable choices

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For me the most fun in an action rpg would be:
Lasombra and Hecata for the darkness and necromancy manipulating factor

In a second position are Celerity clans like Ministry and Toreador.

In third position the warform or shapeshifters like Ministry, Gangrel and Tzimisce

To me Blood sorcery with Tremere and Abu Haqim aren't very interesting but is a secure bet they should be in as playable too.

In the espionage assasin action style the best would be Ministry, Nosferatu, and Abu Haqim

Devs said want to show how wide is the lore of world of darkness, in this case the best connectivity with other entities of World of Darkness are in the hands of: Lasombra, Hecata, Tremere, Abu Haqim, Nosferatu and Gangrel.

I would like these to be the playable clans, adding Toreador because celerity and artistry background is fun.
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Personaly im curently in state, where i hope we *at very least* will get those clans that was announced in the past.
Anything beyond would be welcomed bonus ... but for some reason, i cant shake the feeling that things were cut, rather than added. :-/
They still have time to add and rethink that. We have great bestselling games like Starfield and Baldurs Gate than demonstrate the wider and the more replayable sandbox the more fame and successful will be.
I'm not terribly updated on the latest lore and all, but for my sake I just hope for the Camarilla Clans are in at the start and that Sabbat and Independent Clans, as well as cool Bloodlines, can be added later via DLCs or by modders.
They still have time
I dont really think they do ...

First of all, presuming they want to relese it next fall (wich as far as we know right now, they do) they should be finishing by now ... or even better, BE finished, and focus only on polish and bug fixes ... adding brand new element to the mixure would potentialy cause lots of brand new problems. :)

Also ... presuming Paradox learned something from HSL ... i doubt they would start final marketing sooner than the base game would be complete ... like REALLY COMPLETE ... or very, very, very, very and once more veery close to that point ... with adding lots of spare time (like a year or so) to be extra, extra, extra, extra and once more extra sure, that it will go out this time. :D
I mean ...
Can you imagine what would another delay cause? At best it would be some really ugly word that merge secretions and really bad weather ... and worse, it would start riot. xD

Nah ...
Best you can hope for (imho ofc) is DLC ... some departments from Chineese Room may allready be working on that ... after all, Paradox is known for their DLC politic ... no matter from wich sides you wish to see it. ;)
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Celerity isn't a ministry discipline
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Lasombra and Tzimisce are my hopes
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