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EUIII: HT 4.1B Succession Game AAR Thread

[thread=457754]Link to Organization Thread[/thread]

This is like a massive multi-ruler single player game. Each player gets to play until the current ruler dies or is voted out of office. When that happens, they save the game and post it in the organization thread, and the next player will continue on. Each player will preferably write an AAR update in this thread, and it shouldn't be too hard as you won't be playing for much more that 10-15 years at a time.

Below is the order in which we will play, and earlier votes have shown that we will play as Bavaria. When you are done with your turn, post your save and AAR in this thread.

Player List

TheLoneGunman - [post=10744869]First Round AAR Part 1[/post] - [post=10746570]2[/post]
enkhuush - [post=10761490]First Round AAR[/post] - [post=10776940]2[/post]
tuore - [post=10778745]First Round AAR[/post]
Whitefang - [post=10800438]First Round AAR Part 1[/post] - [post=10803883]2[/post]
klorius - [post=10805858]First Round AAR Part 1[/post] - [post=10809147]2[/post] - [post=10814090]3[/post] - [post=10817805]4[/post] - [post=10823500]5[/post] - [post=10828473]6[/post] - [post=10831190]7[/post] - [post=10832113]8[/post] - [post=10833018]9[/post] - [post=10834844]10[/post] - [post=10835049]11[/post] - [post=10844865]12[/post]
OrangeYoshi - [post=10944704]First Round AAR Part 1[/post]
Pellucid - [post=10944895]First Round AAR Part 1[/post]
Orago - [post=10945767]First Round AAR Part 1[/post]
memnos - [post=10946213]First Round AAR Part 1[/post] - [post=10954053]2[/post] - [post=10963408]3[/post]
Malurous - [post=11000899]First Round AAR Part 1[/post]
HotSax -
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I would like no breaking the BB limit because depending on the skill (or lack thereof in my case) of the player, it may screw them over.
This is good idea.

PS i never break the BB limit(i get scared if i see yellow BB)
Extinctus Amabitur Idem
The Reign of Ernst I Von Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria



14th Century Europe is a harsh and unforgiving land. The dream of unifying the continent has been persistent, but has inevitably failed. Each attempt, only serving to further fracture and divide Europe into various petty kingdoms and duchies. Amidst this chaos, in the year 1397, Ernst I Von Wittelsbach inherited the realm of Bavaria after his father's death.

The House Von Wittelsbach was a powerful and prominent family, having ruled Bavaria since 1180, and even producing an Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire as well as a King of Hungary. Beyond Bavaria, there were currently two other kingdoms with a Von Wittelsbach on the throne, the Elector Palatine Rupert III and the Count of Holland & Hainaut Albert I. Having distant family in other positions of power could prove helpful to the young Duke, due to Bavaria's precarious position in the world near some of the largest and most powerful kingdoms in all of Europe.


Coat of Arms of the House Von Wittelsbach

With the passing of his father John II, it was of the utmost importance for Ernst to establish himself as an effective ruler. For two years, he has solidified his rule and protected his birthright. Now, at the dawn of a new century, the time had finally arrived for the Duke of Bavaria to lay down a solid foundation for his lineage and his kingdom. He will be hard, he will be cruel, and there may be many who will not agree with his choices or his methods, but when he is no more, they will love him.


Ernst I Von Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria
And here I thought I couldn't be any more bitter for not having the expansion :mad: Would have loved to take part in something like this...

But I don't want to spoil the atmosphere, so instead of whining more I'll just follow what you guys come up with here.