[HPM] How to fix crises tensions

[HPM] How to fix crises tensions

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Apr 26, 2016
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I consider international criseses to be very important in Victoria II. So I have searched for the bug in the HPM mod that is causing your flashpoint percentage to be resetted to 0% every time it hits 10%.

So here is the fix. In the file Victoria 2\mod\HPM\decisions\CleanUp.txt you will find something like this:

clean_up_crisis_tension = {

Just delete those lines and you can play the game properly. Also do not forget to edit the file Victoria 2\mod\HPM\common\national_focus.txt and delete the line
has_global_flag = revolution_n_counter_researched
This will unlock national focusses for tensions from the beginning.

Good luck, have fun!