How to revert to a previous patch?

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Nov 13, 2012
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Here is my problem:

I can't stand the latest 5.2 patch as for me the huge nerf to manpower gain has mad the game unplayable.

I would like to revert the patch to a previous version but I had no luck so far.

I have found a discussion topic with a link to a previous patch, but it says that I cannot access the page if I don't synchronize my Pardox account to my Steam account, which I did already a long time ago. I tried to to do it again, as my EU3 game does not appear in my Paradox account (despite sitting in my EU3 Steam library for a long time now), but the instructions seems to be outdated. Also there is a message saying that the account synchronization is not needed anymore as the forums are now open, but instead that particular link is still closed.

Any workaround? I read there are mods specifically created to solve this issue, but I could not find them.

Do not start a discussion on whether the 5.2 is better for you: it's not for me. I loved the previous system and I hate this, but would still enjoy playing one more EU3 game...

Please any help is highly appreciated!