How to revert to a previous patch level!

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Patching your game may cause mods to stop working, or ongoing saves to start behaving in a non-desired way

When we release patches, it may cause problems with ongoing games, started before the patch. It's also not uncommon for mods to stop working, causing the game to crash or cause other unpleasantness experiences.

Therefore we recommend you finish off any ongoing Ironman games in the previous patch level before upgrading. This will also allow you to continue using mods until they have been upgraded.

How to change patch level
1. Exit the game
2. Right click Hearts of Iron IV in Steam
3. Select Properties
4. Go to the tab called 'BETAS'
5. Select desired patch level in the drop down list
6. Download update

Please note that previous patch levels may contain bugs fixed in later versions. We will not provide any special bug fixes for patch levels below the latest one.

Keep in mind that any expansions or achievements released after the patch that you chose will not work
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