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Because of issues with the moddir system used by CORE, few people have likely ever played CORE multiplayer.
I have been successfully playing 3 human player networked CORE games for over a year now. Here is how:

1. Load AOD 1.08 into a folder not in program files. After it is loaded rename the folder "CORE Red Ball".

2. Copy copy CORE2_0_7_0_7.exe (66,719 kb) and CORE_B&W_Graphics_070 .exe (186,852 KB) into folder CORE Red Ball.

3. Run and extract CORE2_0_7_0.exe and check to include the graphics file and extract into folder CORE Red Ball. Check to place the CORE icon on the desk top (looks like a red ball sort of).

4. Create a new folder not in program files and name it "CORE multiplayer".

5. Copy all files in folder "CORE Red Ball" into folder "CORE multiplayer.

6. In game folder "CORE multiplayer" open up folder mod-CORE2. Copy everything in mod-CORE2 into folder "CORE multiplayer" replacing all files.

7. Load game in CORE Red Ball folder using red ball icon on desktop. Open game start as any nation of choice and without doing anything in the game or letting the clock tick, save game file calling it "Red_ball_game_start".

8. Open folder CORE Red Ball\mod-CORE2\scenarios\save games and copy both associated save game files Red_Ball game_start eug and cfg files into folder CORE multiplayer\scenarios\save games.

9. In folder CORE multiplayer make a shortcut for AODGame.exe and use the shortcut to load the game.

10. An exact copy of CORE multiplayer needs to be on each networked computer for multiplayer game play.

11. Use the best computer to host the game. When all players are seen and connected to the host computer, load the game from the save game file "Red_ball_game_start" and start game. Thereafter the game may be reloaded from and save game file saved during the game.

Remember -- CORE Red Ball can only be used to create the initial save game file and that the moddir system prevents multiplayer networked CORE games.

CORE multiplayer game may play saved games created on CORE Red Ball or saved games from the same game thereafter but cannot ever start a multiplayer at game start without problems (some of which that are not always apparent at first).

Early years of the game may be played on above normal speed but below normal speed is recommended during war years. Pause the game when many pop up happen and autosave monthly and do manual saves after important events and battles.


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I noticed that the CORE scenario cannot be selected from the multiplayer menu, when the mod is properly installed in the moddir. That will be fixed in 1.11A06.
Already managed to play a couple of days with two game instances, both moddir-using, until I had to abort due to real time restrictions.

Unless there are further issues I am unaware of, CORE (and any other mod providing custom scenarios) should soonish be multiplayer-compatible from within moddir.


A06 is up, ought to allow starting a CORE game from moddir in multiplayer.
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As you all may perhaps recall, there once was a separate thread for multiplayer discussion in CORE. It was very lightly contributed to and most posts simply asked how to play multiplayer. Somebody early on in the tread said it was simple to do and gave brief non-descript instructions which did not work even though they said it was "easy". They obviously never had tried it before commenting. And they never responded further most likely because when they did try it and failed they gave up.

Considering what I saw with HOI4, I gave up after a week. When are designers ever going to learn that different does not mean better. When you have a great game system like HOI2, simply improve upon it but don't throw it away and start over again from scratch.

I must admit that the lack of multiplayer capabilities kept me away from CORE for several years. I have been playing networked multiplayer HOI2 games since 2005.