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Dec 3, 2017
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I recently had an idea on an easy and simple way for planet templates to work. They should probably be in the expansion planner menu, and you should be able to make multiple different templates.

In a template, you tell it what to build at each population amount. However, for districts, you only specify "resource" or "city" districts. As a quick example:

2: Resource district
4: Resource district
5: Robot assembly building
6: city district
8: resource district
10: Upgrade capital, Gene clinic

There might also be options for "Auto-Building", which would just build what the AI would in that spot, or "Extraction Building" which builds one of the Rare resource extractors, if you have a deposit.

When you apply a template to a planet, you also get to assign priority to the three types of resource districts: Energy, Minerals, and Food. I image these being displayed as a grid, three across (one for each type), and 4 boxes down

The height you select determines the priority of that resource district. If you set two district types at the same level, the game will alternate between them. If you put a resource type in the bottom box, it will never be built. If a template requires you to build a resource district and you have none available, it will throw an alert at you/remove it from your templated worlds and into your normal world selection.

The one thing that I haven't fully worked out how it should work is removing blockers. Any ideas for that (or any other aspect of this idea) would be appreciated.
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