How to create your localization mod for Prison Architect

How to create your localization mod for Prison Architect

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Jan 21, 2020
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Greetings, wardens!

As mentioned a few weeks ago, we compiled a quick guide on how to implement your translation in Prison Architect via modding.

What do I need to make a mod?
A Prison Architect mod is composed of a subfolder to the “mods” folder in the game files. This folder is located at the following address:

%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Introversion\Prison Architect\mods

Within the subfolder of your mod, you need to make sure there are the following items:

  • A text document called manifest.txt
  • A thumbnail in .png format
  • A subfolder named data

The manifest.txt file is the description of your mod for the game. Basically, you are telling the game what your mod is about. It needs to have the following format:

Name              "Name of the mod"

Author            "Your name/nickname"

Description     "Description"

Version              v1.0

Date                 DD/MM/YYYY

URL                  LINK
The Data folder:
The data folder contains your mod – this is where the actual content is.

For a localization mod, you need to retrieve the localization files from the folder where you installed the game. If you use Steam, it is in the /Steamapps/Prison Architect folder by default.

Once you get there, you need to extract the main.dat using a data compressing program – we used Winrar while preparing this guide. Once you open main.dat, you will see the Data folder. If you open it, you will finally get access to the language files.

You need to copy the .txt files from there to your mod folder.

Once you have done this, you can open the text files and start translating!

Ok, my translation is done, how do I check it and share with others?
To check your mod, you need to activate it within the game.

To do so, you need to open the main menu and select “Extra”. This will open the Extra menu, where you will be able to select “Mods”.

On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a list of all the mods installed on your pc.

To test your mod, you need to tick the box next to it, and then select “Apply at the bottom of the screen. The game will reload with your mod applied.

To share your mod, you can select your mod in the Mod menu and then press the “Publish Mod” folder on the bottom right of the screen. You will also see that there is a “Is this a translation to another language?” box, make sure to select it! Once your mod is uploaded, its name will become green.

Good luck with your modding, and don’t forget that our community created plenty of guides and material to help you in case you are still struggling with modding, like the in-depth articles on the official wiki!
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