How to best report an issue and/or ask for help! *Please read before posting!*

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***IMPORTANT*** If the below instructions are not met, your post may be deleted from these boards!


We understand that you may be experiencing issues with the game you purchased, and that you are eager to get it fixed. As much as we would like to help every single one of you personally, there are some guidelines that need to be met for us to be able to utilize a report and actually do something about the problem. Please remember that these rules are here as much for your own good as ours. The more structured we can keep these forums, the more time we can spend on actually helping you. Also stick to your own post. There is no need reporting the same issue in more than one place.


Please make sure to follow these instructions to the best of your abilities or you may find your post being removed!

1. Before doing anything else, search the forums to see if anyone already reported the issue (and maybe got a solution as well). Do this by clicking "Search Forum" in the top right of your screen and search for your error message or description of the problem (see point 2).
2. Use proper naming of your thread! A thread name should provide a brief description of the issue. If you can fit your platform and/or an error message in there it's even better.
Example of bad thread name: "HELP PLEASE!"
Example of a good thread name: "Windows 7 - Freeze on initializing map logic"

3. Provide proper information on what you were doing when the problem occurred. Quote any error messages you receive, attach crash logs and provide a screenshot if possible. Anything you can to explain what exactly is the problem.
4. Provide a specification of your system. See the bottom of this post how to obtain a dxdiag log.
5. Provide the logs associated with the particular issue you are having found in "...\Steam\userdata\<your account ID>\205990\local\logs"

Please use code tags ([noparse]
[/noparse][/b][i]<paste here>[/i][b][noparse]
) when pasting logs into your post. (See here for more info on how to use BB Code to tag your content.)


Please read below and follow the instructions to the best of your abilities or you may find that your bug report is deleted.

The first and supreme rule of all bug-reporting is: If it can’t be reproduced, it can’t be resolved! (if your report does not contain this information it is of no use for us and will be deleted to not draw attention from issues where we can do something)
So what is most important to include in a bug report is the necessary steps to reproduce the problem. If your report does not contain this information, we will most likely have to scrap it. If you are unable to reproduce the problem it may not be an actual bug in its technical meaning.
We will also require a specification of the system where you got this bug. If you are on a windows machine the best way to provide this information is to attach a “dxdiag” log.
The crash log specified above is also useful!

You could also provide save files by uploading them to some appropriate file storage. You can find your save files in: "...\Steam\userdata\<your account ID>\205990\remote\saves"

How to obtain a dxdiag log:
    * Click on your "Start" button.
    * Write [I]dxdiag /64bit[/I]
    * A box called "DirectX Diagnostic Tool" should open.
    * At the bottom of this window, you will find a button called "Save
      All Information".
    * Click this button.
    * A box will pop up prompting you to save a file called "dxdiag.txt"
    * Save this file to your "Desktop".
    * Now you should see a text file called "dxdiag.txt" sitting on your
      Windows desktop.

Last but not least. Keep checking your post/thread! We may be asking you follow up questions or requesting additional information

FYI! The [NMI] tag you may find on threads means "Need More Info". It's put there for the support staff to see if it is a thread where we need more info before it's worth to look into more. Usually waiting for DxDiags
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