How much time have you spent playing CS?

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Mar 26, 2023
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Personally I have 1200+ hrs playing.

512 hrs on steam
420 hrs on Xbox X
400+ hrs on PS4

My cost to fun ratio? Yeah, I am way ahead on this deal.

I can tell you this, I will probably spend just as much time on CS2.
I have about 1400 hours in 3 years. I started with Xbox, about 100 hours, but I saw the limitations compared to PC and I immediately switched to Windows PC to enjoy the most.
You don't say over what time period.

I think around 1,700hrs in total over 4 years but that includes some very long breaks.
Started when pandemic lockdown began. I bought a PS4 for Grand Turismo, and found Cities Skylines, since I used to play Simcity when it first came out.
400+ hrs then I moved to steam, 512 hrs later I Bought a Xbox S (only new system I could get at the time), then a Xbox X (because no PS5's where available) 17D11H or approx 420 hrs and here I sit waiting for 2 things, remastered content to become available and Oct 24th 2023.
Pioneer achievement, create your very first city unlocked on 8/19/2018
Xbox one x 3436 hrs
Xbox series Remastered 270 hrs
I could not find the hrs on PS4
I completely forgot to add the hrs from my second profile on Xbox one x, 1201. Oops.
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