How does the "Demand territory" option work? Explanation.

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Oct 18, 2015
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Greetings everyone. Some time ago I've spent about an hour on small scale experiment which was aiming to explain how does the "Demand Territory" option work. Since I haven't found any reliable thread on forum nor any more detailed instructions in manual about variables which are taken into account while calculating whether targeted country will accept our demands or not, I decided to create a thread about results of my 'experiments' and post it here. Maybe some of you will find it usefull and it will help with modding or just during game. So here are the results:
  1. "Demand territory" option has a "chance cap" of 50%. 50% is the highest possible chance that targeted country will submit to our demands.
  2. The chance is unaffected by the number of provinces demanded from targeted country. We can demand 10 provinces or 1. It does not matter.
  3. The chance however is dependent on the fact, if submiting to our demands will result in total annexation of targeted country. If so, then we are getting "-40% modifier" to our "50% chance cap", and the new chance cap for demand of annexation equals 10%.
  4. The chance is affected by the number of divisions in your alliance vs targeted country alliance. I'm only not sure, if the type of divisions matter or it is only sheer numbers that matter. I do not have any confirmation that the IC accually is also taken into account while calculating the chance. The results of my experiments suggests that it is not. However I'm sure that number of divisions is calculated, and the number in whole alliances and not only your country vs. targeted country. Whole allinces.
  5. Ministes of Foreign affairs with 'Iron fist brute' traits giveus +30% bonus to the chance. It does not extend chance cap however! It gives only +30% bonus to the chance.
  6. Probably the most important out of all of these points - "claim acceptance" modifier softcoded in country files. The biggest pain in the... back. Since I was checking many countries' text files I was seeing values reaching from 0 down to -150, therefore I guess softcoders and modders were guessing that this modifier affects our chance of targeted country submiting to our demands, exaxtly the way the "Iron fist brute" minister modifier works. However to the horror of all of us - no.
    • the "claim acceptance" modifier accually and unfortunately affects "chance cap". Since The base chance cap equals 50%, any value of "claim acceptance" modifier below -49 means that targeted country WILL NEVER SUBMIT to our demands, because it woud mean either maximum possible chance equals 0 or being negative.

I was conducting my experiment on Kaiserreich mod. Therefore if some particular values of 'claim acceptance' or 'iron fist brute' does not fit with DH Full - that is why. Besides that, base chance cap and the way claim acceptance modifier works - both are hardcoded as far as I know, and they will work exactly the same way in base game as well in mods.

Hope anyone will find it useful. All the best lads.
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Thank you for the in-depth explanation! Regardless, this is why this never works in the game unless coded into the files of countries.
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