Jul 24, 2021
I've spent a week trying to figure this out and I have no idea why it's not working.
I've tried copying all the DLCs and how their code and file structure is laid out. I've tried copying the base game, it's code and file layout as well. I've tried copying other peoples mods as well, but none seem to have found the solution to what I'm after. And I've checked my code so many times for spelling corrections and formatting errors now, that I'm pretty sure I'll go nuts if I do it one more time.

I've created a new species. It has a tab of its own. Just like Necroids, Lithoids, Plantoids and etc have, it is its own Phenotype. All the visuals and text work perfectly, couldn't be happier about that. But the moment I try to add .wav sound effects for their greetings, nothing happens. Just silence for my custom Phenotype. I opened the console to try and play the files in game, but an error message pops up saying that field can't be found under the category I chose. The same "Effects" category with all the other greetings in them, that I put mine under.

Is this just impossible, or has nobody made a tutorial on this at all? No matter how hard I try to code it, or google to find a solution, all I end up with is generic portrait tutorial stuff or "I found a solution!" and no further elaboration.

Can anyone help at all with this? :(