HOI4 - Development Diary - 26th Of August 2016

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Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks diary with an update on Sunflower (1.2) patch. This is a great diary because its mostly written by other team members while I grab the credit of posting it! :D First up is @Voffvoffhunden with new nations we are adding in.

New Nations
Have you ever felt that the Soviet Union was a bit of a big, threatening blob, but that there was little you could do about it apart from taking all their territory for yourself?

Things are about to get a whole lot more colorful!

You can for example enjoy a stay in the breadbasket of Eastern Europe, as the territory of the Ukrainian SSR joins the fray as releasable cores! Get yourself a nice little puppet just a grenade’s throw from Moscow, or release it from the Soviet Union, take control and have your own little reconquest against Poland.



Of course, one pesky country doesn’t do much for the breakup of the Soviet Union, so let’s all give it up for our favorite Caucasus trio!

Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are releasable, and offer a whole new regional playground. I hear Tbilisi is lovely this time of the century.



As Poland gets invaded, Georgia might look to set up its own little empire Between the Other Seas, Azerbaijan might want push towards Stalingrad to ensure it controls ALL the Caspian oil, and Armenia, bordered on all sides by larger potential enemies, offers a whole new challenge for those players who like to play small nations and make them big.

Now, we hear you, some people prefer hotter climates to former Soviet states, and some players would rather dismantle the Allies than the Comintern.

For you there’s always Southeast Asia!



Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia can now hang out with Siam, offering new and challenging paths to domination in East Asia, or more states to turn into precious communist puppets.

We’re not stopping with the French-controlled mainland, however, as both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands can get a sock to the jaw as you force them to release Indonesia and Malaysia!



The colonial map will never be the same again.

Looking to the future, there is a lot more we want to do, to allow enterprising players to redraw the world map through victory, or give themselves new challenges.

Even with the new countries released, the Soviet Union is still an enormous block that we will be looking to add even more cores to. There are the Soviet republics of Central Asia, of course, which will be a huge chunk of territory. These will be followed by some more Soviet republics that never became independent, but which a forceful peace treaty might find use for to guarantee global stability/overlordship.

There’s also some more work to be done in Asia, such as the division of India, and Papua New Guinea, which Australia currently clamps on to with fists of steel.

Then there’s Western North Africa, where the control of France and Spain is a little too secure. That brings us on to the subject of the rest of Africa, which has just an immense number of post-colonial states whose independence is tightly tied to the era.

From there, we’ll see where future updates take us!

Theoretical states are always interesting, and who knows, I’ve heard a rumor that Texas really wants to secede from the Union...

AI Update from @SteelVolt

This week I started out making sure that the AI is capable of canceling deployment lines when it badly needs the equipment in the field. Following up on that I am currently working on improving the AIs template upgrade and selection capabilities as well as fixing a bug or two in that system that popped up during development.

Oh, and there was that funny bug: AI could give away states to countries not at war with the original owner, leading to it being immediately given back...to the original owner!

See you all next week!
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New content is always nice but it would have also been nice to get a bit more info on AI and gameplay mechanics that need attention.
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Interesting, but we most likely wouldn't see most of these nations as the blocs get so big, wars never end until one side has completely captured the entirely of the other side
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Why Belarus is not there?
they are on our future list (which is pretty long). Fleshing out the game with more releasable nations is a long term goal. We plan to add more with big patches and expansions ongoing.
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I'm glad these post-colinial and post-Soviet states are to become a thing. It will make breaking up the factions a lot more interesting. :) I hope to see more about the AI next week in regards to things like acquiring naval superiority in the Pacific for island hopping.

Also, can I suggest that the devs check out the No Man's Land modification on the Steam Workshop? It makes for much more realistic and exciting battles for both the AI and human player alike. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=699397350&searchtext=

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they are on our future list (which is pretty long). Fleshing out the game with more releasable nations is a long term goal. We plan to add more with big patches and expansions ongoing.

Is there also a plan to adjust peace mechanics so that we can release countries without having to fully defeat entire alliances? Seperate or partial peaces?

Not saying copy EU4 but maybe shift a little bit more that way. Perhaps you could keep the current peace mechanics for historical games but loosen the rules a bit for non-historical.

Otherwise most of these will remain relatively unseen.
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Do you plan on making an option to release countries from the start without having to load as country #1, release all countries, save, load the game as country #2, release all countries etc.?
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oh boy oh boy! please podcat add Manchukuo back in and maybe some new puppet state actions? such as independance events or something!

i want to restore the qing dynasties glory for Aisin Giro Puyi!
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@SteelVolt - any update on the Naval AI testing, from the changes reported last week? Without additional info, we'll have to assume our typical high expectations :)
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I was SO looking forward to this to start playing HoI 4 again...
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I appreciate the effort and new releasables are always good, but please don't forget that it can as well suck all enjoyment out of the game when messy peace conferences happen. If this ends with Japan puppeting Ukraine and grabbing tiny little spots all over the place while Italy takes Mongolia and Germany puppets a messy rest-soviet and alike, and you are stuck with this horrendous borders forever because you can't leave nor disband your faction, this won't do anything in making me play vanilla again.

Even in its current state the game is fine until the World War ends, after that you are stuck in an "interesting" outcome and can't even break with your former friends. That is the one big thing that prevents me from playing right now.
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Manchuluo was Japans only major allied force that helped out in the second sino japanese war. needs to come back. especially since its proven that the AI is adequate to handle china with these puppet states
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or more states to turn into precious communist puppets.
I already hated how commies were forced to start taking on colonies... So distasteful...

List of ordered nations for the next patches:
Guyana (3x)
(+ all other countries in Africa)
Pakistan (with cores on all of India and events to pacify them)
California and Cascadia (for the Japanese puppets)
(British) Columbia
Papua New Guinea
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