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Nov 12, 2016
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I personally, as the other commenter already said, can justify pretty much anything by changing the pre 36 history in my headcanon.

I don't oppose a bit of variety in my scenarios, as this can drastically change/improve your experience each and every game.

Of course I am very happy when pdx choose to implement soft alt-history, but that should never exclude the more far off stuff.

If they'd choose to completely change this, I feel like half of the community would be pretty disappointed, but it would also hurt consistency a lot.
I probably should have some imagination, embrace the crazy, and lose myself in some heavy alt history.

id be pissed too if pdx got rid of the grossly ahistoric scenarios. Like I say, and you’ve said, a lot of the community plays it and enjoys it. It sells units and keeps development going on the game. I’m pretty sure most of the combat rework, logistics rework and fundamental ai changes wouldn’t have been able to happen if hoi4 dlcs weren’t as popular as they are.

The “historical gameplay all the time people” lost their battle when paradox normalized tanks and planes across all countries and pumped the ever living bejesus out of everyone but the US’s economy and then nerfed the US.

so I’m not advocating that position. I guess I’m saying I want more development on grounded alt history.

I want war related mechanics that don’t “make” a historical game turn out like real life, but help it play out like real life, but for the player. The logistics rework is a massive step in that direction.

Hitler getting to Iraq by land should be a nigh impossible logistical nightmare, and as a result that should inspire player/ai decision making.

if you want to take those realistic underpinnings and play out the 2nd us civil war, go for it—just buy the dlc first so pdx can continue development on what you like and what I like, and we all win. We get a more accurate sandbox for not only a world war in the 30/40s, but also the Second World War.
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