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I can't, need to make 5 posts, apparently. Just google {"white eagle red star" mod} (remove parentheses), and it should show thread on this forum as first or second result.
ah found it

that is an old one! Last post was 2007.

i found it on another forum but not a download. contact the last person to have it in 2019 - AwesomeButton

Good luck and if you do get it can you share a new link with the community on paradox fourm
thanks for reply,but it's gip1.1 not gip-dh.by the way where do you find the download links?i can't find any download links in bunker
Don't think I know a GIP-DH. Its GIP but specific for GIP?
The Bunker website is still work in progress, need to update many things...
Hi! I've been posting some homebrew mods to reflect some historical points. They're in the "Other Mods and Projects" group. Each is in its own thread, so I can manage feedback.

Have fun and game on! :)
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I have CORE for HOI2: Doomsday if anyone is interested. Just tested and it works on a HOI2: Doomsday v1.3a installation.


  • CORE_0-3-2-3.rar
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