HoI2 Complete (steam) - no Doomsday or Armageddon content

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Jun 6, 2014
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Hi, on my steam account I bought Hearts of Iron II Complete. After instalation of this game I have some problems...

1) there is only basic HOI2, without Doomsday or Armageddon
2) if I chose on steam "Launch HOI2 Armageddon" it's still running only base HOI2
3) there is no features that Doomsday gave to this game...

Please let me know what I should do. I payed for complete edition and from my view I've got basic... I know HOI2 very well, I've spend on this game many hours before steam, and this is very disapointing for me.

Steam support send me over to you...

I have hope that you can help me ASAP.

Best regards,


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Jun 27, 2011
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I have also just bought HOI2 Complete via Steam (Have payed in the past) and enjoyed a good 25 odd hours oh HOI2.

Now wanting to play the Doomsday/Armageddon expansion but does not seem to load, but rather uses a hoi2.exe

Doomsday Content appears to be there, but no reference to armageddon at all...

I bought this particular game from a recent Paradox sale (which provided me a code to redeem on steam). As an aside, Its interesting that this game does not show on my Paradox account > Games section...

Any advice appreciated.


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Jul 11, 2017
The version and checksum should be in the top right corner of main menu. I imagine that it is HoI2: DD 1.2. Therefore you could download and apply the Armageddon 1.2 or 1.3b patch and extract it to the game directory. You won't be missing much as Armageddon was mostly half assed content thrown together with it's game fixes needing further patching themselves to be viable.