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If your playing TGW 1.1 make sure you add the extra Official TGW-HDP mini-mod v.3
Available from 1st link in my signature.

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Hoi1 TGW 1.1 Download

As TGW it is no longer available to download from the links in the first post in this thread in the TGW Paradox Sub forum or from the BoP site i have now added it to the Main downloads section Stony Road

(Due to its size it cannot be attached to a post here.The downloads section at Stony Road is for Stony Road members only so you will have to join if you are not already a member.)

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TGW 1.1 DOWNLOAD Link....

Hoi1 TGW 1.1 (The Great War) is the WW1 Mod for Hoi1 v1.06c

Its a fantastic Hoi1 mod!:cool: :thumbs: where you get to play Hoi1 in the First world war 1914-1925!:D

To be playing the most TGW current files you should really add the TGW-HDP mini-mod to your TGW 1.1 install.

Hoi1 TGW 1.1 Mini-Mod v.3 HDP

TGW 1.1 GFX Fixes...

TGW 1.1 Eu3 Style Shields & Flags...

Note:I have added the TGW install instructions to this TGW INFO post at stony road.....

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