HoI 4 - The Randstad path is essentially useless (building slots are maxed out) [1.9.1 beta] [05ef]

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Aug 20, 2015
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Description of issue
The Randstad path is essentially useless (building slots are maxed out) [1.9.1 beta] [05ef]

Game Version
1.9.1 beta [05ef]

Enabled DLC
All of the above

Do you have mods enabled?

Not a new problem (it has existed since 1.6) but also present in the newest version. The Netherlands has the choice between the Randstad and Zandstad paths, but the Randstad one is almost useless because it tries to add buildings and building slots to Holland, which maxes out on building slots much too early on.

More precisely, on the Randstad path Holland tries to receive:

20 slots (on full tech) from being a Metropolis,
2 slots from Expand the Artillerieinrichtingen,
1 slot from Continue the Zuiderzee Works,
3 slots from Develop the Randstad,
2 slots from Expand the IJmuiden Steel Mill,
4 slots from Fokker,
2 slots from Continental Shipbuilding,
1 slot from Expand the Amsterdam Petroleum Harbor,
2 slots from Assume the Naval Burden,
and possibly 3 randomly placed slots from Prepare Naval Expansion.

That sums up to 37-40 slots. Because the limitation of 25 slots is hit, the 9 slots (and some of the associated buildings) from the three Randstad focuses are for naught, at least in the long term. (You can rush the focuses, but in the long term you are still missing out on industrial capacity compared to Zandstad, because you cannot then build regularly in Holland.)

In fact, it is even possible to hit the building slot ceiling in Holland on the Zandstad path. It might also be possible to hit it in Java (if relocating government) and in Lisbon (with the new Portuguese tree), as well as in some of the megalopolises (depending on where focus tree building slots are placed).

Since thematically it is necessary for the Randstad path to add buildings to Holland in particular, I would suggest as a fix increasing the maximum number of building slots to 40 for all states in all countries. It would greatly increase the replay value of the Netherlands tree, but it should not affect the overall balance for other countries much: adding building slots through decisions is too expensive to be an effective long-term strategy.

Steps to Reproduce
Not a straightforward bug, but to observe in practice you can for example:

1. Play as the Netherlands
2. Turn research_on_icon_click on
3. Research up to Concentrated Industry II
4. Turn research_on_icon_click off
5. Unpause for one tick (for the building slots to update)
6. Turn Focus.Autocomplete on
7. Take focuses up to (and including) Expand the IJmuiden Steel Mill
8. Turn instantconstruction on
9. Construct 5 civilian factories in Holland (Holland now has 22 building slots and 22 buildings)
10. The focus Fokker no longer gives any building slots or buildings because Holland is sufficiently maxed out

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