Confirmed HoI 4 - Divisions don't ask for enough supply from the hub.


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Jul 4, 2016
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Description of issue
Divisions don't ask for enough supply from the hub.

Game Version
1.11.2.a194 (7844(

Enabled DLC
Together for Victory, Death or Dishonor, Waking the Tiger, Man The Guns, La Resistance, Battle for the Bosporus, No Step Back

Do you have mods enabled?

Divisions are not currently requesting enough supply to meet their needs from the local supply hub. This prevents you from concentrating your forces for an attack or effectively garrisoning small areas. This makes most of the pacific and Malta unusable. Guam is a good example here. Build a max port in Guam and LA, max railways between LA and Washington DC, a supply hub in Guam, fully motorize the Guam supply hub, build and max infrastructure in Guam and the entire continental US. Then check the supply map. Despite having a supply link to the capital of 35, Guam can only support 7.44 supply worth of units, and only if you don't put a ship in the port. (If you put a ship there, it can only support 1.8, not even enough for a garrison, even if you use logistics companies.) This prevents anyone from making effective naval invasions since there is no way to stack say, 20 supply worth of units in most of the world's ports for a naval invasion.

In the screenshot you see that although the divisions need 19.67 supply they are only asking for 6.68 from the local hub. This is from the "guam example.hoi4" save, a game I was actually trying to play.

The other save is a more simple example that is faster to reproduce.

Steps to Reproduce
Follow the steps I outlined with Guam or do the following to make the situation in the "supply issue.hoi4" save:
1. Start a new game as the USA in 1936.
2. Move all of your divisions to Sacramento CA.
3. Change your divisions to the national guard template.
4. Fully upgrade the railway line between Sacramento and DC.
5. Watch divisions that need 28.34 supply only ask for 7.04 from a fully motorized hub that has 35 available which they are sitting literally on top of.

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