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May 29, 2016
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Hey, just a quick question: With all the bugs still present in the DLC, I was wondering about this particular quest: I have never found it. I just try to figure out why and how to salvage my playthrough, I have found the murals, but never receiveid any quest for it.

As it seems related to Lexeme - at least the second part according to my websearch - I just like to know where it´s supposed to start as I can´t find the info online (only where part II starts). Hopefully with the quest I can avoid getting stucked again.

Unfurtunatly , the quest halting bugs have spoiled the experience for me anyway, so I am willing to fallow it through and just ask where the questgiver is located.

I checked the journal, the questgiver is Mell, when you first meet him at the entrance.


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