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Feb 19, 2015
The new version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rvw93ynhiktk6ni/History_of_Rome.zip/file (reuploaded with quick fix).

New countries: Qedar/Cedar (Arabian tribal kingdom between the Nabataeans and Babylonia, at the moment, just a victim for the Nabataeans), Ifugao (the community of rice-farmers on the Luzon island in the Philippines (sic.). Maybe, we should delete Ifugao (with Nok and Sao African cultures as not civilizations of a full value), later I'll add several neighbours for Ifugao (like the Khmers- Funan) and it will be not lonely. New events for Sparta (the reforms of Cleomenes III), Roma, Veneti Adriatici, Dian, Bosporus, Bithynia, Etrusci, Nabatea, Carthago. New random and provincespec events. Many, many fixes in the texts and scripts of the events. All countries were divided into three technological groups: civilisation, barbarism and ferity (at now only Nok, Sao and Ifugao are in ferity techgroup). Much more monarchs and leaders. Much more pictures and descriptions. Minor fixes and additions here and there. Now the Romans and the Italics, the Egyptians and several eastern cultures have unique sprites for their buildings (from Historia Antiqua and Roma Universalis). Many colonynames, armynames, navynames were added. Many, many new leadernames. All leadernames (and tags for them) were fixed: there were too many incorrect names from my "ancestors" in modding. For example, almost all Germanic names there were medieval, not the antique ones. However, I'm not sure in the Chinese, Koreanic and Viet names (I'm not an orientologist). All the map have been completely divided on the proper continents and regions, but not the proper areas: if you see the geographical area Italia in a very strange place — that's the province I didn't work on with and most likely without proper parametres and cityname.

The new scenario (sic.) — the Peloponnesian War ("431 ACN — Bellum Peloponnesiacum"). It is a short scenario (starts in 323 and ends in 25 april 350 AUC) with 84 countries (at now, against 267 in the main scenario). It's still under development, but you already can see what it will be. 15 new countries for the new scenario: Aradus (the Phoenicians, can be established also in the main scenario), Cercinitis, Chedi (Mahajanapada in India, can be established in the main scenario until 454 AUC), Cilicia (can be established also in the main scenario), Corcyra, Croton, Cumae, Lyncestis (the Epirotic tribe and minor kingdom in the west Macedonia), Melos, Mudraya (the Achaemenid satrapy of Egypt), Sidon (the Phoenicians, can be established in the main scenario), Sindica (probably the Maeotians), Surasena (Mahajanapada in India, can be established in the main scenario until 454 AUC), Tegea (can be established in the main scenario), Xshatsa (the Achaemenid Empire itself). 208 new events have been written for the new scenario, but it is only a skeleton, a base for the future work (but the scenario is already playable). It should be a short but intensive scenario with a lot of action. The aim is to get as much victory points as possible. There are possibilities to receive VPs via events by doing some hidden (un)historical missions, like successful siege of Athenae for Sparta, Boeotia or Corinthus, conquest of Brutium for the Lucani, uniting of Cyprus by Salamis or Paphus, controlling the whole Sicilia for Carthago or Syracusae, rule over Epidamnos (Taulantia province) for Corinthus, rule over or annihilation of Avanti for Magadha (and vice versa), rule over Latium for the Etrusci, etc.

Of course, primarily I'll work on the main campaign. I should make the main campaign more stable and less linear. With fewer severe events, which take provinces from the player's country and give to other country for historical purposes.
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Sep 10, 2005
Are the Rong culture in this game supposed to represent the yuezhi? im confused as to chinese ethnography/geography

edit: in general im confused. the rong from history seem to be all over the place, primarily where they are located in ftg but also in hebei and overlapping with the beidi territories in the game, which themselves also seem to have extended all over northern china including overlapping with the rong majority regions in the game.
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