hey assholes!! what the fuck? where is the support?

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Nov 20, 2007
is anyone from paradox going to answer any questions?

Considering this is the first time I have bought a paradox interactive product you might want to be a bit more prompt in support. This just makes your company look bad and your products by association as well.

BTW I was cranky with the original post last night so I tried to fix it today but I can't delete or change the topic so I hope you like swear words. :)
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Aug 12, 2004
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As we are all gamers and understand the frustration of not being able to play a game you have been looking forward too we won't focus on the swear words. Next time though, before pressing the "submit" button maybe you get up, get a coke from the fridge and read through it once again? That is what I used to do when my frustration with SONY's station support got the better of me. ;)

Anyway: There is a patch available for TARR which you can get here:

If that does not help, please get back to us at support@paradoxplaza.com with a dxdiag file from your PC and we will do our best to help you get it to run.


Nov 20, 2007
I paid near 50 dollars when the game first came out. Without patches it was near unplayable. Currently in smaller dog fights it is some what passable, when more then 8 ships are flying around however the game goes laggy and it should not on my system which is capeable of running Team Fortress 2 flawlessly on a 32 person server and TF2 has alot more to render.

It lags when pilot vids pop up which is rediculous because you Can not turn it off and the pilots pop in to shout absolutely the most irrelevent details during combat.

THE GAME LAGS AT THE SHIP CONFIGURATION SCREEN!!! How do you do that? most games have mastered 2d over lay in a 3d environment flawlessly and in the middle of a game or any time too. Yet Tarr has not and it sin't even doing durring game play? why?

You know what the saddest thing is? I don't even want this game to suck! Gamers don't get space fighting games often maybe one every 2-3 years and this tittle if it weren't for the overwhelming technical and design flaws could have been a hit, its beautiful and if your outside one of the laggy situations in space flight the ships handles beautifuly perhaps nicer then Freespace 2.

Also its highly irritateing that the only way I could get any attention to my posts by a Paradox official was to swear and break rules on the message board. Check my first post on the board, 3 weeks no response, Then there is this post, 2 swear words and I'm getting a response the next buisness day.
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