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Jul 18, 2019
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Hi All,

Apologies in advance if there's already a thread about this but I was unable to find one.

I'm having an issue where the heroes and units look really bad (as if not completely loaded) in the main menu, strategy map as well as during battles - I've attached 3 screenshots showing this. The glitches take different forms and colors, with the horses sometimes having poison green or flaming red manes and tails (which might sounds cool but is pretty annoying). Interestingly, every other visualization seems to be fine.

My specs are:
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
AMD FX-6300
Radeon Vega 56

I've tried every graphics setting but the issue occurs no matter what. I fiddled with general quality, refresh rate, wait for GPU and resolution.

I have recently upgraded my GPU from an HD7870 to Vega 56 and I've never seen the issue on the previous card so it makes me think that the issue is GPU-specific.
I don't have the issue on any other game and the drivers are all up-to-date.

main.jpg horses.jpg map.jpg

Does anyone else have this problem? Any help would be appreciated.