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Jun 6, 2014
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I've been trying to give myself the shia caliphate to start a fun game starting in spain. however when i tried to use the command it kept giving me the error "wrong number of argumenets". i also tried other titles to see if i was entering it wrong and i got same thing. heres what i tried.

give_title d_The Shia Caliphate 508167
titleowner d_The Shia Caliphate 508167
give_title The Shia Caliphate 508167

what am i doing wrong for these titles and commands? Any help would be welcome.
give_title d_the_shia_caliphate(?) 508167

If you have a title ID with more than one word, you usually connect the words with _
First off the titles cannot have spaces. And second, you should look up the correct title names from the landed_titles file. For instance I think the Shia Caliphate is "d_shia" or something like that.

EDIT: checked, it's "d_shiite". So: give_title d_shiite 508167.
Ah, thats the ID :confused:
Thanks very much! The Shia caliphate is a titular title so I wasn't sure if it was different. Now I see it goes by a different name. Again thank you very much for your help
Ah, thats the ID :confused:
It gets worse if you try changing the owner of a county which has a cultural name; then you definitely need to look in the files unless you by chance knows the generic name for that province.