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Jan 10, 2007
Attempting to convert 1.09 Vanilla save to WATK

I've been working for about a month on converting one of my vanilla savegames to WATK, but I seem to have hit a brick wall. The new provinces added by the mod exist on the map, but have no data. Clicking on them crashes to desktop.

This is Cordoba, one of the problem provinces:


I've put Cordoba's entry in the province.csv, but it doesn't change the situation. What else do I need to do?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Feb 1, 2006
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you have to add all new provinces in the savegame :)
Jan 10, 2007
nightmorphis said:
you have to add all new provinces in the savegame :)

Well the province = { id = XXXX } was there for all of them, but it turned out that I had made an error in the province.csv with the null space entries. I got the new provinces to not crash, but I was missing several sea zones. And the game always crashed after running for two days.

I've pretty muched abandoned my attempt to outright load a vanilla save in WATK, the moddir WATK won't load the save at all.

Cool-toxic, I put the WATK province.csv in the Vanilla folder, but the game did not load past "Initialising Script".

I'm at a loss as to how I can get this to work. I've tried reconstructing the game by hand but even that file crashes at the first month change.

Any suggestions are extremely welcome, I've been trying to convert my AAR for over a month now.
Jan 10, 2007
cool-toxic said:
It should work if you take the save game direct from vanilla to Save Games folder in WATK folder. But this may give you CTD due to fleets. And also alot of provinces will be uninhabited. (In the middle of Europe and such.)

Fleets? That may very well be it, the save game has navies everywhere. If I put them all in port will it then work?

The best would be to start a new game.

Well I did try that, and spent about a month rebuilding the scenario by hand. Then I found out that it CTDs at the first month change. :(
Jan 10, 2007
You are my new hero, cool-toxic! :D

Fixed all the fleets and it loaded perfectly, and no CTDs to speak of while running time. Thanks a ton!