help understanding naval supply, problem in pacific

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Sep 3, 2005
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First let me thank everyone for helping me with so many questions you guys are great.

I am still in my Japan game and trying to island hop to the US. It's going well but for some reason all of a sudden my fleets and armies in and around pearl harbor keep running out of supply. I have supply convoys automanaged and am not real clear on how this could be happening or what I need to do to make sure it doesn't happen.

Link to supply picture of the general area

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Mar 13, 2004
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Have you built lots and lots of spare Convoy ships? Are too many tied up on some stupid supply mission? Have you waited a few days with your fleets at sea, to allow the Convoy routes to adjust?... it often takes two or three days.

Try turning Auto-Convoy off, cancelling all your Convoy routes, running the clock past 00:00 hours, then turning Auto-Convoy back on and again running the clock past 00:00 hours.